Monday, March 13, 2017

Scrapbook Files: December 2016

December is always such a fun month to document (I say with only two years of December experience... but honestly, I see why some people jump on that December Daily scrapbook). I think it's because of the parties and how easy it is to embrace the cheesiness of winter.  

This month was extra fun for me once I figured out my plan for the clothesline-inspired banners.  I got inspired by  this JOY banner that Laura Hager created.  At first, I couldn't figure out how to incorporate that idea since I was stuck with the square pockets on the left, but then it hit me to use a full 9x12 pocket.  I tend to shy away from those because it takes a little more creativity to fill out the page in an appealing way, but man am I glad I did this! It gave me an opportunity to use my red clothespins which go well with my "country" Christmas in my home state. 

I wish I had taken some more pictures during the month and during my visit home so that I could've made two double page spreads, but this small spread did end up capturing the month of celebrations very well.

Almost all my supplies are from the December Messy Box; the clothespins are from Paper Source; the other embellishments are from old Messy Boxes and Studio Calico. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Scrapbook Files: November 2016

I really, really love my November layout. Clean, simple, sharp. I do wish I had taken enough pictures for it to be more than one half of a layout, but that is my goal for the months moving forward. I guess I was too busy eating and chatting during Thanksgiving to have my camera out :)

I got lucky with the matching color schemes of the photos!  Well, sort of. Once I realized I had two photos with vibrant leaves and knew I wanted to keep a funny text conversation between me and Brian, I changed a lot of the photos to black and white. This was my first time using images off my phone (both with the text and with a saved photo from Snapchat) and I'm glad I did -- it's a great way to save memories that would otherwise get lost.

A big shout out to the November Messy Box subscription for this layout!  All of the cards and cut out details are from there. The only additions are cat related word stickers from Studio Calico (these are one of my favorite finds ever), gold enamel stickers from Paper Source and velum from Michael's.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Supplies

I thought I'd do a mini "haul" to show some of the supplies I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics last week.  JoAnn's honestly surprised me when I first started buying scrapbooking supplies two years ago.  Probably due to its name, I didn't completely think of the store as an all-around craft store; I expected Michaels to have a better stock of scrapbook supplies.  Once I ventured into the scrapbook aisle, though, JoAnn's quickly became my favorite chain store for supplies.

Here is an overview of everything I bought.  Unfortunately, I picked a bad weekend to try out the closest JoAnn's -- the store was moving around its scrapbook section, so only about half of the inventory was on the shelves.  I was hoping to find some more fun embellishments, but thankfully all the alphas were out,and you can never go wrong with those.  I hate my handwriting, and avoid using it in my scrapbook as much as possible.  

I was very excited to find the white stamp pad.  I almost bought a white StazOn pad a few months ago because I love my black one.  However, I didn't like that it was a multi step process to get ink on a stamp. This Versa pad stuck out to me because it said it was for leather and wood as well as paper. The ink stays on photos really well and is a nice, opaque white.  Just make sure you give it a little time to dry before touching the ink or putting it in a pocket. 

The stickers above are from Project Life (edit: I previously wrote these were from Heidi Swapp, but I found  the actual backing while taking out the trash).   I think they might actually be from the planner division of the brand, but I think I'll be able to use these all in my scrapbook just as well.  

What are your favorite places to buy craft supplies?  Any suggestions for the Philadelphia area in particular would be very much appreciated!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scrapbook Files: September/October

I feel like I really started to grow as a hobby scrapbooker in September and October. I started looking up more inspiration online, and getting back to some of the more creative techniques I used when I first started (such as sewing).  Since I didn't have a lot of pictures for September, I really tried to match it to my October color scheme to turn it into more of a cohesive layout.  

I am not generally a huge fan of orange and yellows, but the colors definitely worked for the time of year, and this ended up being one of my favorite recent layouts!  Most of the elements are from the September and October Messy Boxes.

The rest of October continued onto the next page, but I kept it consistent with the rest of the month's layout by using a soft yellow.

My most recent goal, which started with this layout, is to add more depth to my pages.  I sewed paper leaves on (as you can see in photo above) and used my mini attacher instead of using an invisible adhesive.  What I was most excited about starting this layout, though, was my old typewriter.  Laurel & Fern gave me the idea to type on vellum to add some layers to scrapbooking pages (and to avoid having to write in my terrible handwriting).  This technique is starting to be staple for me.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Scrapbook Files: August 2016

Well, I decided to come back to blogging!  Ironically, the day after I wrote my last post about how my major 2016 goal was to get a job, I got a job.  Quick check of that list!  Of course, that meant I no longer had a ton of spare time on my hands.  I used a lot of spare time for wedding planning/crafts and started scrapbooking even more.  I want to start using this blog to show off some of that scrapbooking, so that I will start challenging myself to try new techniques.  

And with that... time to start, with August of this past year.

I was thrilled when I saw the contents of the August Messy Box -- I knew it was going to be perfect for my family trip to the Massachusetts Berkshires with its nature and adventure theme (side note: the Messy Box subscription has been amazing.  It offers so many unique patterns and items that you wouldn't find in a regular craft store, it and everything goes together so well.  Leftovers from each month are great for mixing and matching. I also love that it comes right to your door -- while it is fun to pick things out at stores, there's something exciting about getting a full box with no effort.  Now I want every scrapbook subscription box).  The teal wooden stars that came with the box added some great texture and depth, and I decided to play off of that with the wooden words that I found at JoAnn Fabrics (pretty sure the brand was Heidi Swapp). 

The other wooden piece, a leaf, is from an old Messy Box.  

I tried to stray out of my comfort zone by just slipping patterned paper into the slot.  I know, this sounds pretty basic, but it's for that very reason that I feel weird leaving paper blank. I am thinking about adding a picture on top of the geometric pattern (with some of the pattern peeking out, of course) from when I picked out my wedding dress -- but that of course has to wait until after my wedding so the groom doesn't see!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My 2016 Goal: Get a Job

First blog post of 2016 means it's time to talk about my goals for the year, right? Well that will be quick: my only goal/resolution is to get a job.

It's far from an easy goal.  As I was sitting in my favorite local cafe today, I was actually thinking about how I would rather run an all out 400m than write another cover letter (okay, that's probably an exaggeration). Most goals are solely dependent on one individual.  Mine is dependent not only on my ability to write a stellar cover letter, but also on someone to notice it, read it, like it,  request an interview, and then like how I interview. It's hard to motivate myself knowing it's not just about me, but I'm doing my best.  Here's my strategy:

1. Write down a schedule.  I like to give myself daily goals of what I can accomplish in the job search, and not just in my head.  Seeing in ink makes it more final.

2. Get out of the house.  Even though I mostly procrastinate on my computer at home, the mindset switches once I'm somewhere else.  Usually I go to a local cafe, but it recently dawned on me that I'm not that far from the library.

3. Don't look up jobs and apply on the same day. It can really get me down sometimes when I'm just looking for open positions because it always feels like there aren't enough.  It's hard to write effective cover letters when you're feeling dejected.

4. Do something you love. Whether it's pet my cat or work on a craft, I like to make sure I'm taking my mind off the job search so it doesn't get me down all day, every day.

And speaking of number 4, planning out cooking has also been something that's a fun distraction.  I not only get to look forward to a yummy dinner all day, but unlike eating out, I also get to enjoy the process of cooking! It's easy to forget how upsetting the job search can be while you're concentrating hard on perfecting a recipe.  On the menu tonight? Mushroom risotto and breaded chicken breasts.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Wedding Photography

 I bet you thought I was all done writing about Oregon.  Or maybe you thought I was done on here completely after this somewhat unintentional two-month long hiatus.  But no, I'm back, and back with more about way back when I lived in Oregon.

I'm going to a wedding this Friday, and it's got me thinking about the last time I was at a wedding.  I wasn't a guest that time, but the second shooter!  It took a while for me to get the pictures back from the main photographer, mainly due to forgetfulness/laziness on my part.  She sent me the edited ones just before I moved to Philadelphia (sadly we couldn't meet in person and I never got to get the full set of RAW photos that I shot, so all of these were edited by her).

I was really nervous the day of, especially because I had worked all night the night before (as per my usual morning show schedule) and was only able to get in a small nap before I drove about two hours to the venue near Portland.  It was also my first time shooting semi-professionally, and shooting when it counted.  Most of my photography was (and still is) for fun, generally involving just involving inanimate objects or cats/friends as subjects.  Nothing I ever had to shoot in real time with people counting on me! I think I would've been more nervous if it hadn't been for my broadcast training; even if I'd never done still photography on an event, I've captured video in real time with no chance for do-overs.

The one in charge, Ariana of Blush Pink Photography, obviously took the lead, getting all the photos at the front of the alter, while I got the back and then quickly moved upstairs to use the balcony for a different angle.  After, we photographed the couple/bridal party, then headed to the reception.  Here are my favorites that I took:

(disclaimer: Blogger seems to somewhat change the quality and therefore look of the photographs)

It was a great learning experience overall, especially in terms of my equipment and what I would want/need to shoot a wedding or similar event again.  It also made me really appreciate professional photographers who do this on a daily basis, because it's not an easy job.  You have to be everywhere at once, and yet out of sight, because your work is what will keep the memories alive for a couple for years to come: you don't want to disappoint!