Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eugene Explorations

Soon after I found out that I got my job, I looked up farmer's markets in the area.   I figured it's Oregon, it's hipster, there will be farmer's markets.  Sure enough, there is one every Saturday (and some weekdays!) in downtown Eugene.  Saturday is clearly the best day to go though, because there is also an art market across the street.  Essentially, the Eugene version of Sowa Market in Boston.  I obviously went the first chance I could get, and headed over there is this morning (sorry to anyone who was behind my slow driving today.  I didn't know where I was going).  

 I got a delicious baguette and some veggies, which I of course ate already today.  Some of the baguette was turned into a sandwich, and a potato and some carrots went into my dinner.  Delicious.  The plant and planter are from the craft section.  It's adorable, the plant is barely bigger than the top of my thumb.

I headed off to a tea shop after I explored the farmer's market.  It was really cool-- basically a wooden box with glass all on the side that faces the street.  They sell both loose leave and tea paraphernalia as well as tea by the cup.  I have now officially delved into loose leave tea brewing: I purchased some jade oolong, a small tea canister to keep it in, and a nice single-mug steeper.  The girl running the store was really helpful, giving me some tips about brewing.  I also tried a delicious iced jasmine green tea. 

Today was basically a day filled with delicious food and drink.  In other words, a perfect day.  To top it off, one of my best friends qualified for NCAAs in the 5000 meter, which means she will be racing in Eugene (aka Tracktown USA) in two weeks.  I can't even describe how excited I am that we'll be able to hang out soon.   

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