Saturday, May 24, 2014

I have a car!

I feel like I have officially reached adulthood, because I am now a car owner.   I am a car owner not just in name only, but the one who put down the down payment and will be making payments each month.  Now I just need my apartment and to start my job, and I'll be a real bonafide adult.  Crazy how one day you are a lowly college student, and the next (week) you are an actual adult who has car payments.  I wish I could've realized a a freshman how quickly it does actually go by-- people aren't just shitting you and being annoying when they say it.

Aside from my pride at having a car, I have nothing else to say about it.  I pretty much told my dad what I could afford each month, and he picked from there.  I am a stereotypical girl who knows absolutely nothing about cars, nor do I care to, especially when I can have help.  I should probably learn for the next time I need to get a car so I look less like an idiot, but I guess I have few years before I have to worry about that.  For now, I'm set with my little two-door Honda Civic.  Apparently these run well for years and get decent gas mileage, and that's all I was looking for.  Pretty glad it looks good too, so many cars at the dealership were an ugly pale brown: old people cars. I can see myself zooming  driving safely at the posted speed around Eugene in this.

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