Monday, May 26, 2014

My Apartment!

Well, it finally happened.  I was so stressed that I would never find one in time, but when I was least expecting it, I stumbled upon an apartment.

My dad and I figured that we wouldn't be able to look at any apartments yesterday, since it was both a Sunday and a holiday weekend.  We planned on heading to check out the coast, since I'd never been to the pacific, and we heard it was beautiful.  I was ready first, so I decided to check out Craigslist as my dad was gathering his things.  Lo and behold, we found a decent looking apartment, and with one quick phone call, we were on our way to check it out.

It turned out that the building owner is also the manager, an incredibly nice woman who gave me the apartment nearly on the spot.  It's a perfect little one bedroom, in a little residential area that is still within walking distance to a grocery store, dollar store, home improvement store, and restaurants.  Basically, it's in a perfect location, and only ten minutes from work.  My blog title is essentially wrong now since I don't live in Eugene, aka the Emerald City, but the next town over, Springfield.  We can all pretend though, since I do work in Eugene.   

I put together a short video of my empty apartment.  I'll do the same once it's fully decorated, although I'll try and make that better quality than this one is (shouldn't be hard, sorry 'bout that). 

Today feels more like it was two days, we did so much.  I was in and out of so many different stores buying things for my apartment.  Mostly Target of course, but also the Dollar Tree, Walmart (sadly.  I had to let my morals go because I needed their good prices), TJMaxx Homegoods, and more.  It was very tiring, both walking around and trying to make decisions.  I had been so worried about finding an apartment, that I hadn't really thought about what I wanted inside it.  No color schemes had been picked out, I had no idea what I wanted my bedspread (or rest of my room) to look like... total first world problems, I know.

I'm actually excited to clean tomorrow (!) so that I can start unpacking both my suitcases and the bags of goods.  It's already in pretty good shape, but it won't feel ready, or like mine, until I know it's been cleaned to my standards.  A new carpet and newly painted walls definitely helps with that though.

Stay tuned for a post in the next couple days that recaps my experience at the Oregon coast!  It was so beautiful.

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