Friday, May 30, 2014

To the Pacific

Whew, I have been so busy these past few days, buying all of the kitchen and home items you could ever need, cleaning, unpacking, etc.  Each day is both incredibly long and incredibly short.  Last night was my first night sleeping in my apartment, but tonight feels more like my first real night here because my dad is currently en route to the east coast.  I'm officially in Oregon on my own.  Scary, and yet awesome all at once.

I'll get back to more of that in a few days as I continue the move in/decoration process.  For now, here's a look back at my time on the Oregon coast.

 On Sunday (after finding my apartment) my dad and I headed off to the Pacific coast.  It's pretty much a straight shot down some roadway from Eugene to the coastal town of Florence, a drive that's a little over an hour, and 15 from there to the actual beach.  It was by far the prettiest drive I've ever been on-- and that's saying something, since I come from Vacationland New Hampshire.  The trees are all so tall here, the mountains are gorgeous, everything is incredibly green.  My dad kept saying that the drive itself was worth the time, and I completely agree.

 I took videos on the drive there, as well as at the beach, so I plan on compiling them to make a short one showing how pretty it all is.  The beach was new experience for me.  On the east, the land gradually gets flatter and flatter until you reach the coastline. Here, there are mountains all the way up to the coast.  The beach was bordered by giant dunes, another thing I'd never seen.  It was all and all an awesome experience, the drive, the scenery on the beach, and most of all, my first time in the Pacific Ocean.

 I felt like a kid in a candy store the whole day.  I'm hoping I'll make friends fast so I can go on hikes, or I'll find some super friendly ones that I can do myself.  I can't wait to explore more of my new state.

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