Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cat Troubles

Difficulties in my life as a cat mom today.  We went to the vet yesterday because he need a regular check-up and a shot.  They did some fecal tests, and the poor guy has a parasite that can't be treated with the regular de-worming medication that the adoption group gave him.  This does at least explain why he was having some stinky gas issues at least. Also, McKenzie Animal Hospital in Springfield is great, if anyone out here somehow found my blog and is looking for vet recommendations.  Super nice, helpful, and they clearly care about the animals.

He has six doses of a medication that I have to squirt in his mouth one a day -- which he obviously does not enjoy at all.  It took me about two hours (sometimes trying, sometimes giving him a break) before I finally succeeding in getting it in there.  He got mad at me and kept running away from my advances for a while, but now he's back to cuddling again.  I'm not looking forward to repeating the process tomorrow, and I hope he cooperates better.  I just want him healthy, because he's the second member of my little family out here in Oregon!

On a different topic, I should be getting my pictures in the mail soon, and I'll be able to hang everything!  My apartment will finally be complete, and that will feel so nice. 

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