Sunday, June 8, 2014


The picture above pretty much sums up my day.  I did quite a bit of work with my hands, which, although you might not think it, all shows in the picture.

I got up feeling a lot more inspired and ready to do things than I did yesterday.  I was up at at the laundromat shortly after 10am... a far cry from emerging out of bed at noon.  It was my first time at the laundromat -- I sure do miss having a ton of washers and dryers just a short elevator ride away, and for only $1.50.  Adding the cost of laundry into my tight budget wasn't something I'd originally thought of, but thankfully, it's not as expensive as some I've seen. The washers and dryer actually worked well too-- always a plus.

Now the picture finally comes into play.  I painted my coffee table blue, the same blue as the chairs in the kitchen.  It used to be a distressed/antiqued white color, and did not go very well in my living room.  Now it looks really nice (I think... I hope) with my blue and white curtains, and it also helps make the kitchen and living room look more cohesive.

I'm starting to get much more satisfied with the look of my apartment.  I think it helps that I finally brought all of the boxes that were still on the floor to the dumpster, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen.  I just need my wall decorations (and a cat, duh) and then it will really look and feel like home.

On to the rest of the picture: the coaster.  Oregon has a reputation for being very green and environmentally friendly, and it definitely lives up to its stereotype.  I was alerted to a place called Bring Recycling at work. It was somehow part of a story that someone was working on, and a coworker explained it to me, saying I should check it out. It's a hard place to explain.  Basically, it's like a warehouse of random household shit.  Buckets of nails, old desks, bathtubs, pipes, lights, doors, windows, mowers... I even saw a toilet.  People donate their old things, and then the center sells it for a fraction of the retail value.  I think it's a non profit, and the money just goes into running the facility and outreach programs about recycling, or something along those lines.  It's definitely a weird place, and yet awesome.  A DIYer's dream.

I went to see if there was anything useful I could find for my apartment.  I ended up finding a bunch of tiles right when I walked in, which I realized would be perfect for coasters.  I had been planning on buying coasters later that day -- I don't want to mess up my new coffee table paint job!

If you can't tell what it says, I wrote "drink me" along the edges of all the coasters, and added some felt to the bottoms so they don't scratch the table.  "Drink me," if anyone is unaware, is written on a bottle in Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorite childhood stories.  It's a nice simple design that even I couldn't really mess up, and I like that it references something important to me.  It makes the coasters unique and special, something I would never have found in a store.

I'm going to have to make a point of going to Bring every so often, because who knows what else could spark some inspiration.  It's just like how I like to stop by thrift stores and antique shops.  To me, it's the modern version of a treasure hunt. 

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