Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meet Neville

This is the newest addition to my family/apartment: Neville!  I adopted him last night through West Coast Cat and Dog Rescue, and we are already having so much fun together.

He has barely stopped purring since I brought him home.  I think he's just so excited to have someone to constantly play with him, and have a much bigger space to play in.  Last night I was sitting on my futon, and he would run over and attack my sweatshirt for a bit (yes, I was wearing it), then bound across the room like a springbok and attack my purse on the ground, then look over at me and bound back.  He just did this over and over.  I think he's overwhelmed by it all but loving it at the same time.

Luckily he did calm down for a bit and we watched some Netflix together before he started being a nut again.  I forgot what it's like to have a kitten -- it's been 14 years!  He'll be a lot of work for a bit, but I'll be glad once he's a little more calm and older.  And when he learns what he can and can't do (climb the curtains goes in the can't do category).  I'm also very glad that he's used his litter box and not my floor.  Good work Neville.

He does get confused when I'm not with him for periods of time.  He had to re get used to me when I woke up this morning, and was a little scared when I came back from a quick grocery trip.  It must be because he was used to seeing so many different people.  I'm sure after a few days he'll forget he used to know anyone but me.

It's so nice to have another living thing around to hang out with.  I hope he likes it here with me!

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