Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pulling it Together

I spent today exploring my new city, and doing some small things that are helping to pull the look of my apartment together.

I accidentally got up late, only waking up because my mom was calling to talk before she left for Italy.(A 30th anniversary celebration trip for my parents, how cute is that?) Anyway, started my day later than I wanted to, but it all worked out well.  I set out for the Springfield Library to get a library card and check the place out.  It's oddly in City Hall, not it's own building, so I was worried it would be tiny.  Luckily it's still a pretty good size -- not a huge layout or anything, but they have a ton of shelves, it seems like they squeezed a lot in there.  I picked up a few audiobooks to listen to while I do things around my apartment.  I've been watching/listening to Netflix in the background basically non-stop because otherwise I get lonely, so I figured this would be a much better alternative.

The library is in the downtown area, so I walked around there for about an hour.  It's a very small downtown, just a few blocks.  Mostly some cafes, restaurants, a couple gift shops, and a bunch of antique shops.  One of the workers in an antique shop struck up a conversation with me, and I found out that the downtown used to not be a nice area, but it recently changed -- she mentioned there used to be a lot of streetwalkers.  Definitely glad it's making a turn from that.

I was surprised by the artsiness of the area: I stumbled upon a gallery that touted a variety of art lessons, what looked like some kind of performing arts school, a local stage theater, this sewing room place that appeared to be for classes, an independent fabric/arts store... I even ran into a photography class that was going on.  There were also murals all over the place.  It's definitely a cool little area, and I'm hoping I'll get to see it grow over the years that I live here-- there were a lot of empty store fronts and building that seemed to be going under renovations that I hope will house some more cool businesses.

This afternoon I spent cleaning things up: I finally cleaned off the table in my kitchen.  I'd had a bunch of important papers I needed to find a home for and plants still in their plastic containers from when I first bought them.  I finally gave those guys a new home in a great antique store find from today: 50 cent terracotta pots (I'm planning on returning the shitty plastic Target ones that were much more expensive tomorrow).

 It's nice to have plants around.  We have a lot around my parent's house, but we weren't allowed to have any in the dorms at school.

I also painted the second of my two chairs in the kitchen.  I was putting it off the whole week because it's pretty difficult painting all the spindles on the back of the chair.  I love my new blue chairs.  They add a nice touch of me to the kitchen since I can't really do too much else to the room.

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