Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week One Completed

Well, I did it: I lived through my first week of real-life work!  I feel like I am now officially an adult.

Overall, the week went pretty well.  I've mostly been doing training -- watching and assisting producers create the evening newscasts.  Next week, I think I might fully produce one of those newscasts before I switch to my graveyard shift the following week.

Everyone at work is really nice.  I'm very glad about this since I only did phone interviews, and never met anyone or even saw the workspace.  Quite a few people there are fairly young -- most mid- to late twenties.  There are two hour shows in the morning, and another new producer began training a week before me -- this is her first job too, so it's nice that we can learn together. It's a relief how welcoming and helpful everyone has been.  On my first night, a few reporters invited me and the other new morning show producer to dinner, and then to the weekly bar trivia that people at the station do.

There have been a few downs this week as well.  I've had some issues getting my boxes with half my stuff from UPS, so now I'm not getting them for another week. My apartment is very messy as a result (no hangers yet = clothes all over floor).

I've also been dealing with some weird wasp and/or hornet problem.  I came home Monday night after bar trivia  to find a few dozen dead ones all over my kitchen and living room... the next day, there were a few less, decreasing until I found none yesterday or today (phew).  Neither my landlord nor myself could figure out where they're coming from, or why they were all dead or close to death, but at least *fingers crossed* it seems to be over.

Things I've learned this week, apart from the obvious work stuff: vacuuming up dead and semi-dead wasp-y things is terrifying but can be done; it's easy to get an apartment messy when you aren't concerned about room mates judging you/your stuff getting in their way; professional women wear heels to work because they literally sit all day and therefore their feet barely hurt.

Oh, and I saw The Fault in Our Stars tonight!  One of my favorite books by a favorite author, and the movie adaptation lived up to all of my wildest dreams.  Obviously some stuff was left out, but the best bits were all left in, direct dialogue included.  And yes, I cried a lot.  If you don't cry at this movie, you should probably check for a heartbeat, because there is a strong chance that you're a robot.  I don't think it topped Holes as my favorite book-to-movie adaptation, but it's a close second (don't judge that I have a list of these going in my head -- I can't help it, my mom's a librarian).

I also met some nice girls there who are about my age.  One of them noticed I was there alone and invited me to sit with them.  They included me in conversation before the movie, and then got my name afterwards so they could add me on Facebook.  A weird thing to be happy about, but it's hard to be new somewhere, so whether or not we stay in touch, it was nice that someone reached out.  On a related note, I've been proud of myself for not being awkward/shy in these situations.  Yay, it's almost like I'm a real, fully functioning adult!

Tomorrow is all about cleaning up around my apartment and fantasizing about having a cat.

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