Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hippies Galore

Yesterday I experience the Oregon Country Fair in all its half naked glory. It's not what you might think of when you think of a Country Fair.  There is no country music, no cowboy boots.... it's essentially a renaissance fair plus hippies... people dressed up in fairy costumes, wearing little horns, guys in loinclothes, people with fake tails. There were face painting booths, booths with artist selling their wares, and so many food vendors -- every kind you could imagine, and of course the majority was organic and/or vegan, and tons of gluten free options.

I obviously had to buy a flower crown to fit in.  There were some amazing ones made out of dried flowers and leaves, but they were very expensive, so I opted for one made out of fake flowers.  You know, so I can wear it again ... (although I did today while I was cleaning my apartment... anything to make cleaning more fun.)

It was so visually stimulating that I definitely should've taken more pictures.  Unfortunately I realized  that I forgot to put my battery in my camera, so that was out.  Plus it was kind of overwhelming.  The whole thing in in paths in the forest in Veneta (not far from Eugene) and everything was really crowed.  Definitely a fun place to people-watch with all the costumes (and and if you were curious: we spotted at least 21 topless women and one guy's bare ass).

I definitely want to go back next year... and more prepared with more cash/expecting to spend more money, because the food all looked so awesome!  I did have a lavender cupcake (yum!) and a quesadilla, but I should have been adventurous and tried more.  Next year I might also go more in costume since I know how people dress... but I will definitely keep my clothes on, don't worry!

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