Monday, July 7, 2014

Spencer's Butte + Alton Baker Park

Quite an eventful weekend, with the 4th of July and my first Oregon hike!

I worked overnight into the morning of the 4th (as is my usual shift)... and for once, I had a better schedule than most other people!  I was off by 8 am, in time to nap and still enjoy the holiday!

I met some work friends out at a few Eugene bars.  They were really empty -- it seems like everyone gets out of Eugene for the holiday, maybe to Portland or to where ever home is to spend it with family.  That was followed up by a delicious BBQ, because there is no better way to celebrate the USA than some hot dogs.  The girl's house is on a hill, so as it got dark we could see fireworks in the distance.

Saturday, I hiked Spencer's Butte with a girl from work and then one the wife of one of the sports guys at the station.  It's right in Eugene, and a great hike because though it gets steep, its only about a mile, and the trail is really well groomed.  And the view was fantastic.  I could obviously tell on a day to day basis that I was in a valley because I could see the mountains all around from the ground, but it was much more incredible seeing it from above.

The hike was made even more fun with the puppy we had with us.

Sunday, I headed off to Trader Joe's, but first stopped by Alton Baker Park to walk around and take some pictures.  I've been going there almost every day after work to run (yes, I did actually get to it after my last post, Nike app to the rescue) but I've only been staying on the running trails, and I wanted to explore more.  It's so pretty -- so many trees, little ponds, groomed garden areas with benches -- all nice to see in a fairly urban/suburban area.  I think most people would think it's more on the country side of things, what with all the mountains, but I'm used to living 2.5 miles down a dirt road in New Hampshire surrounded by woods... 

I definitely have to go back and explore more with my camera at Alton Baker Park.  I'm so used to there being no people seeing me on a photo adventure when I'm at home in NH, so I was getting a little bit self conscious... and trying to kneel down in a short dress didn't help.  I'll definitely dress better for my purpose next time!

And because why not, I'll end on a picture of Neville.  He's getting big!

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