Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Craigslist Win

I made my first Craigslist purchase yesterday!  Okay, so I guess technically my first was when I found my apartment there ... but somehow that seems less sketchy/creepy than getting a thing on Craigslist... even though it's probably the opposite.

Ta da! A sewing machine!  I have to take pants in at the side, which could be done by hand, but I also want to take the legs in a bit on some, and turn some flares into skinnies that actually fit well.

I was stalking Craigslist for a few weeks to try and find a good deal, and this one was only $15.  Luckily, the woman selling it was very nice, not creepy at all, and even let me test it out before buying it.  She said it might need a few adjustments, but it seemed fine to me.  If anything, my mom can help out when she's here -- she comes on Friday, yay!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Willamette Relaxing

My day wasn't over after the tea shop yesterday.  I thought that was going to be my last stop for the day, but then on my walk back to my car I stopped in a new and used bookstore.  I somehow never read The Giver in elementary school.  It was a choice for in-class reading groups one time, but I made a different selection.  I did read one of the companion novels in an advanced reading group (I was clearly a super cool kid), but never the first book.  I've always sort of meant to read it, but in high school I felt silly going back to the children's shelves in the library.  I saw the movie trailer before The Fault in Our Stars movie, and it looked good -- which obviously meant I finally had to read the book.  If I know a book is a movie, I rarely see it without reading the original story.  Hence why I am so far behind in Game of Thrones -- I'm reading the 1000s of pages of books first. As I always explain when people think I'm weird about this kind of stuff: my mom is a librarian.

Sorry, tangent over.  Anyway, the book store luckily had the The Giver. It's a cute little bookstore, but it unfortunately feels a little cold, not like some of the warm and inviting indie bookstores I've been to in the past.  Perhaps it will grow on me though.

Leaving the store, I realized how nice it was out, and wanted to take advantage of that.  I decided to take my reading to Alton Baker Park.  I've been on the running trails, but a few weeks ago I realized that there's much more to the park.  I went to a different parking lot, and found a bench by the Willamette River to sit and read. I definitely need to go back to that side of the park and go for a walk, and bring my camera.  I'm going to take my mom there next Saturday.  I'm excited for her to visit and help me explore! I've started to get a routine down, which is great, but I keep forgetting to keep looking around -- how else can I find new places to add to my routines?

If anyone reading knows the Eugene/Springfield area has any suggestions of places to check out, let me know!

Oh, and as for the book -- it was so good! I do wish I had read it as a kid so I could have read it now as well, because I feel like it's one of those books where reading it again as an adult would bring more understand to it, but a child could also contribute a lot of good understanding as well.  Although, I basically still am a child, so I'll just have to read it again when I'm even more of an adult.  I'm excited to see how it was adapted for film, but I also feel certain that the ending will be different, and I'm not sure if I like that. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I swear I meant to post more during the week -- but then I got sick on Monday, and felt under the weather for the past few days.  I would come home from work, watch Gossip Girl on Netflix until I nearly fell asleep on my futon, then move into my bed -- get up the next day, and repeat.  Needless to say, nothing interesting to write home about.  Something was going around the newsroom because our anchors and meteorologist were all in and out this week.  I haven't reached my 90 day mark yet, so I couldn't have taken time off even if I wanted.

Luckily I finally started feeling better, because I was itching to start decorating the bag I talked about last week!  Here's a peak at what I've done so far:

 The back will be all polka dots, and then I have to paint the sides (folded in, you can't see them unless the bag is in use).  A few more days of work, but it's fun and keeping me occupied.

Last night I went out for a friend from work's birthday at a Japanese restuarant.  It was in an area of town I hadn't been to yet.  Definitely a hippie/hipster area.  The businesses all looked like good places to check out, and building were covered in cool murals.  The people and the houses though? Very interestingly decorated outsides (lots of color, slightly inappropriate writing, "found" art), which appeared to be filled with hippie 20-somethings, and the smell of weed in the air.  It wasn't that it wasn't tasteful and somewhat cool -- just not my type of living area.  Very Eugene, very much not Boston.  I definitely prefer the more downtown blocked area.

That was followed up by a trip to a downtown bar, with a kind of 70s atmosphere that I liked.  I'm curious to see what the bar scene looks like once the UO students come to town.  Already I find the bar scene a little weird -- but I realized when I was driving home last night that it's because the people height to building height ratio is so off from what I'm used to in Boston -- most of the bar buildings here are only one to two stories high.  Nothing like even the Allston bars at school, and nothing like the Lansdowne/Fenway scene.

I hope I don't come off as complaining comparing things in Eugene to Boston -- it's just hard not to do since that's what I'm used to.  But I'm having fun doing new things and getting new experiences.  To me, that's much more important for a young person to do than continue to stay in the same place.  I'll be glad to get back to the east coast as soon as I can, but for now -- it's nice to be able to explore something completely different.

If you didn't guess: yes, I am writing this at the tea shop once again.  Tea of the day: chrysanthemum silver needle, delicious.

Anddd let's end on the only good kind of selfie/only kind I take: a cat selfie.  Hey Neville.

Oh! And don't forget to check out my Etsy shop

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Making Changes

It was a very eventful week.  On Monday, the morning show team met with our assistant news director and new news director.  We wanted to make some changes to make the show less boring, because even we didn't want to watch it, and we recently got a new female anchor who is really into making the show as best as it can be.  The meeting was really productive -- they basically gave us free reign to try different things out.  So now we have our morning reporter fronting a brand new "Trending Now" segment, and we're cutting back on the local news -- most if it was aired the night before anyway, so the scripts are getting shorter and only the most important ones are aired.  And we're adding more national stories, feature packages produced by our anchors, and trying to get more live interviews.

So needless to say, it's been a lot more work and brainpower.  I was very exhausted after work, just like I was when I was first getting used to producing my own hour long show.  Since I got used to that, though, I know that I can get used to this.  It is more fun, and I think it'll be more fun for viewers, and hopefully get us more.

The morning team, missing just our editor and the director (who was taking the picture) and we even have our in-studio guest for the day in the picture!  A woman who makes these AMAZING Danish pancakes things called aebleskivers came in to make some live on set.  She makes the for the Scandinavian Festival that's in a neighboring town this weekend.

This picture doesn't really do them justice.  They're basically spherical, slightly hollow pancake tasting balls of deliciousness.  You eat them by breaking them open and putting jam on the two pieces.  I may or may not have eaten one or two ... or five.

Adding to my stress this week... on the day that the woman was coming to make aebleskivers ... we discovered that the newsroom is apparently home to a few mice.  I kept my feet up on my chair for the rest of the morning -- and at one point even tried this:

Not a fun time.  But at least I got to eat aebleskivers -- and yes, some of those cupcakes next to me -- it was our anchor's birthday.

Sorry to talk so much about work, but this is the last thing!  Yesterday was World Cat Day, which I figured out thanks to taking a quick break on Facebook.  So we decided to make our Facebook Question of the Day (something we do almost every day, and are working to make sure we do to get more viewer interaction) about cats -- and told viewers to post their cat pictures so we could air them during the show.  By 5 am we had about 40 comments -- and by the end of the day yesterday, we had mover 400 comments, almost 300 likes, and over 100 shares.  Pretty exciting for a small news station.  Our Questions of the Day usually only get about 80 responses maximum, and tons of them are negative or argumentative.  But not this time! Apparently we should just post about pets more!

My plans for the rest of the week? Well, right now I'm at the same teashop I visited last weekend -- yes, so far I'm on track for my goal of making this a Saturday tradition.  Tea of the day: Assam/Irish Breakfast tea.

Tomorrow, my awkwardly stunted day, will just be laundry and customizing a blank tote bag, if I can get that all done before my 2pm bedtime.

Well there is my looong winded post for the day.  Clearly I should start to get better about posting daily so little anecdotes don't gather up so much.   

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Over the Weekend

Noon is often the beginning of a Sunday... for me, it's the end.  The evening.  Bed at 2 pm! I don't really mind since I get a good chunk of weekend in on Friday.

The local minor league baseball mascot came in for an interview on Friday, and by he, I mean he goofed around as someone else talked to promote an upcoming game.  He must've been tired, because he showed up in just his underwear... but he did manage to put his shirt on for a picture.  The whole morning crew (minus our reporter) is in that photo: me, our meteorologist (who will soon be leaving the morning team, she was filling in while the usual one was on maternity leave) Sluggo the mascot, our two anchors, and the other morning producer.   Later that day, I "swam" (waded) in the Willamette River.  There were a bunch of people going by in inner tubes floating down parts of the river -- I definitely want to try that!

Aside from a going away party for one of our sports anchors, Saturday was a pretty lazy day.  I spent a few hours at a tea shop in downtown Eugene, then hit the farmer's market and Buffalo Exchange.  I love this tea shop, I think I might make it a Saturday ritual to go hang out there for a few hours.  Most people I'm friends with work on Saturdays, so I usually just hang out at my apartment, but it was nice to get out for a few hours.  And I love tea and they have a huuuge selection of loose leaf, so I can start trying out some new kinds.  Another bonus: it's near a cheap parking lot and the craft and farmer's market!  All sorts of awesome things in one area is too good to pass up.

I usually eat twice on Sundays... but I had this late breakfast and now I'm still stuffed.  I've never made an omelette before for some reason, but I gave it a go today and it. was. amazing. Paired with orange juice, baguette toast (from the framer's market) and crispy bacon? Mmmmm.  I was in heaven.  Can you tell how proud I am of myself? 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Results of Boredom

I'll be honest, I get really bored sometimes.  I live alone, work different hours from pretty much everyone else on the planet, and all of my best friends are 3,000 miles away.  I started making jewelry as a way to use up my spare time, use some of my creative brain, and use my abundance of skeleton keys that I've been collecting for as long as I can remember.

The downside is, who needs that many similar necklaces? Probably no one.  I decided to set up an Etsy page to sell my extras.  Check them out and if you feel inclined, make a purchase or share them with friends.

You can find my shop here.