Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Craigslist Win

I made my first Craigslist purchase yesterday!  Okay, so I guess technically my first was when I found my apartment there ... but somehow that seems less sketchy/creepy than getting a thing on Craigslist... even though it's probably the opposite.

Ta da! A sewing machine!  I have to take pants in at the side, which could be done by hand, but I also want to take the legs in a bit on some, and turn some flares into skinnies that actually fit well.

I was stalking Craigslist for a few weeks to try and find a good deal, and this one was only $15.  Luckily, the woman selling it was very nice, not creepy at all, and even let me test it out before buying it.  She said it might need a few adjustments, but it seemed fine to me.  If anything, my mom can help out when she's here -- she comes on Friday, yay!

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