Saturday, August 9, 2014

Making Changes

It was a very eventful week.  On Monday, the morning show team met with our assistant news director and new news director.  We wanted to make some changes to make the show less boring, because even we didn't want to watch it, and we recently got a new female anchor who is really into making the show as best as it can be.  The meeting was really productive -- they basically gave us free reign to try different things out.  So now we have our morning reporter fronting a brand new "Trending Now" segment, and we're cutting back on the local news -- most if it was aired the night before anyway, so the scripts are getting shorter and only the most important ones are aired.  And we're adding more national stories, feature packages produced by our anchors, and trying to get more live interviews.

So needless to say, it's been a lot more work and brainpower.  I was very exhausted after work, just like I was when I was first getting used to producing my own hour long show.  Since I got used to that, though, I know that I can get used to this.  It is more fun, and I think it'll be more fun for viewers, and hopefully get us more.

The morning team, missing just our editor and the director (who was taking the picture) and we even have our in-studio guest for the day in the picture!  A woman who makes these AMAZING Danish pancakes things called aebleskivers came in to make some live on set.  She makes the for the Scandinavian Festival that's in a neighboring town this weekend.

This picture doesn't really do them justice.  They're basically spherical, slightly hollow pancake tasting balls of deliciousness.  You eat them by breaking them open and putting jam on the two pieces.  I may or may not have eaten one or two ... or five.

Adding to my stress this week... on the day that the woman was coming to make aebleskivers ... we discovered that the newsroom is apparently home to a few mice.  I kept my feet up on my chair for the rest of the morning -- and at one point even tried this:

Not a fun time.  But at least I got to eat aebleskivers -- and yes, some of those cupcakes next to me -- it was our anchor's birthday.

Sorry to talk so much about work, but this is the last thing!  Yesterday was World Cat Day, which I figured out thanks to taking a quick break on Facebook.  So we decided to make our Facebook Question of the Day (something we do almost every day, and are working to make sure we do to get more viewer interaction) about cats -- and told viewers to post their cat pictures so we could air them during the show.  By 5 am we had about 40 comments -- and by the end of the day yesterday, we had mover 400 comments, almost 300 likes, and over 100 shares.  Pretty exciting for a small news station.  Our Questions of the Day usually only get about 80 responses maximum, and tons of them are negative or argumentative.  But not this time! Apparently we should just post about pets more!

My plans for the rest of the week? Well, right now I'm at the same teashop I visited last weekend -- yes, so far I'm on track for my goal of making this a Saturday tradition.  Tea of the day: Assam/Irish Breakfast tea.

Tomorrow, my awkwardly stunted day, will just be laundry and customizing a blank tote bag, if I can get that all done before my 2pm bedtime.

Well there is my looong winded post for the day.  Clearly I should start to get better about posting daily so little anecdotes don't gather up so much.   

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