Sunday, August 3, 2014

Over the Weekend

Noon is often the beginning of a Sunday... for me, it's the end.  The evening.  Bed at 2 pm! I don't really mind since I get a good chunk of weekend in on Friday.

The local minor league baseball mascot came in for an interview on Friday, and by he, I mean he goofed around as someone else talked to promote an upcoming game.  He must've been tired, because he showed up in just his underwear... but he did manage to put his shirt on for a picture.  The whole morning crew (minus our reporter) is in that photo: me, our meteorologist (who will soon be leaving the morning team, she was filling in while the usual one was on maternity leave) Sluggo the mascot, our two anchors, and the other morning producer.   Later that day, I "swam" (waded) in the Willamette River.  There were a bunch of people going by in inner tubes floating down parts of the river -- I definitely want to try that!

Aside from a going away party for one of our sports anchors, Saturday was a pretty lazy day.  I spent a few hours at a tea shop in downtown Eugene, then hit the farmer's market and Buffalo Exchange.  I love this tea shop, I think I might make it a Saturday ritual to go hang out there for a few hours.  Most people I'm friends with work on Saturdays, so I usually just hang out at my apartment, but it was nice to get out for a few hours.  And I love tea and they have a huuuge selection of loose leaf, so I can start trying out some new kinds.  Another bonus: it's near a cheap parking lot and the craft and farmer's market!  All sorts of awesome things in one area is too good to pass up.

I usually eat twice on Sundays... but I had this late breakfast and now I'm still stuffed.  I've never made an omelette before for some reason, but I gave it a go today and it. was. amazing. Paired with orange juice, baguette toast (from the framer's market) and crispy bacon? Mmmmm.  I was in heaven.  Can you tell how proud I am of myself? 

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