Sunday, August 17, 2014

Willamette Relaxing

My day wasn't over after the tea shop yesterday.  I thought that was going to be my last stop for the day, but then on my walk back to my car I stopped in a new and used bookstore.  I somehow never read The Giver in elementary school.  It was a choice for in-class reading groups one time, but I made a different selection.  I did read one of the companion novels in an advanced reading group (I was clearly a super cool kid), but never the first book.  I've always sort of meant to read it, but in high school I felt silly going back to the children's shelves in the library.  I saw the movie trailer before The Fault in Our Stars movie, and it looked good -- which obviously meant I finally had to read the book.  If I know a book is a movie, I rarely see it without reading the original story.  Hence why I am so far behind in Game of Thrones -- I'm reading the 1000s of pages of books first. As I always explain when people think I'm weird about this kind of stuff: my mom is a librarian.

Sorry, tangent over.  Anyway, the book store luckily had the The Giver. It's a cute little bookstore, but it unfortunately feels a little cold, not like some of the warm and inviting indie bookstores I've been to in the past.  Perhaps it will grow on me though.

Leaving the store, I realized how nice it was out, and wanted to take advantage of that.  I decided to take my reading to Alton Baker Park.  I've been on the running trails, but a few weeks ago I realized that there's much more to the park.  I went to a different parking lot, and found a bench by the Willamette River to sit and read. I definitely need to go back to that side of the park and go for a walk, and bring my camera.  I'm going to take my mom there next Saturday.  I'm excited for her to visit and help me explore! I've started to get a routine down, which is great, but I keep forgetting to keep looking around -- how else can I find new places to add to my routines?

If anyone reading knows the Eugene/Springfield area has any suggestions of places to check out, let me know!

Oh, and as for the book -- it was so good! I do wish I had read it as a kid so I could have read it now as well, because I feel like it's one of those books where reading it again as an adult would bring more understand to it, but a child could also contribute a lot of good understanding as well.  Although, I basically still am a child, so I'll just have to read it again when I'm even more of an adult.  I'm excited to see how it was adapted for film, but I also feel certain that the ending will be different, and I'm not sure if I like that. 

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