Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall in the PNW

Well, I think we're finally into fall here in Oregon, and I'm finally experiencing what the Pacific Northwest is known for: rain and grey skies. It rained a ton at the beginning of the week, and today is dark and drizzling.  Of course, in Oregonian style, no one seems to notice the light precipitation except me, the New England girl. I did manage to resist wearing a waterproof jacket, just to try and act like I'm normal.

If I've been listening to our meteorologist properly this week (and there's a good chance I haven't been, I'm usually just focusing on how much time she's used/how much time there is to go) then I think we've got a few more warm and sunny days ahead -- but for the most part, fall is here.  I've even officially broken out the tights.  Of course, I do work at night, the coldest part of the day no matter what the season, but still.  It's tights, boots, and sweaters season.  And I'm not complaining.  Now I feel more validated about cuddling on the couch watching Netflix and drinking warm beverages.

The other good thing about fall? All my tv shows are back!  No How I Met Your Mother is sad, but The Big Bang Theory is back, as is Scandal, Parenthood, and a few new ones to test out, like Selfie (because Karen Gillan of Doctor Who) and How to Get Away with Murder.  Sure, I feel cool that Scandal is broadcast on the same channel as my newscasts, even though I am of course affiliated with the show in no way whatsoever.

Anyway: what have I been up to this week? It's been a little stressful -- work has been a little crazy, and I wish I could say more about it, but it's never good to complain about work in a public, written place.  Some other fun things did happen at the end of the week, so I'm feeling better now.  I went to brunch with a few coworkers on Thursday and Friday, both at amazingly delicious places. Yesterday's place was my favorite: it's called Off the Waffle, and they have these delicious combinations of food on top of delicious waffles. After brunch yesterday, a bunch of us watched Frozen together, then headed over to another coworker's house to hang out with her and her baby (who is absolutely adorable).

So far today, I've made myself a tasty breakfast, dealt with Neville's craziness, and sold some clothes at Buffalo exchange.  Right now, I'm of course blogging/hanging out at my tea shop (English Breakfast with milk and honey), and then I'm off to DSW to spend my cash from selling my clothes.  Not a busy day, but after the past few days, and a stressful week, it's nice to just relax.  Hopefully by the time I get home, Neville will have calmed down a little bit.  If only I could get him to get out some of his energy by cleaning the house... too bad cats don't have thumbs...

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