Monday, September 22, 2014

Off to the Coast

Brian's visit, part II.

Since it's so easy to get to from Eugene/Springfield, I took Brian to the Florence coast.  It was his first time at a Pacific beach -- but he wore laced up shoes so he didn't put his feet in. What a shame.

It was kind of foggy and a little chilly, but we had a nice picnic on the beach, sitting on a giant driftwood tree (possible mast of a ship lost at sea long ago? okay, no, probably not).  I wish the coast was closer than an hour and a half, it's so pretty and relaxing.  So many little nooks and crannies in the dunes, it would be so easy to hang out there undisturbed with a book.

  We checked out the downtown too. Too chilly for ice cream -- good weather for a hot beverage.  The coffee shop had a nice little deck area, and the cup holder mirrored the view.

That took most of the day Sunday.  It was soooo nice not having to go to sleep at 2 pm too.  A taste of normal life.

I had off the next day too, so we hiked Spencer's Butte.  I was lazy and so we opted for a shorter path... but then I accidentally took us up the steepest path possible.  At one point we basically had to scramble up an 80 degree incline that was all loose dirt.  I'm probably exaggerating.  But definitely tough since I have not done a strenuous hill workout since like March ... and I don't think I intend to ever again.

It was still fun though, and made getting to the top even better.  It was interesting to see all the smoke trapped in the valley from the nearby wildfires that were burning at the time. Definitely not something you see in New England.  I thought it was just fog, at first.

So those are all my pictures and the most interesting bits of Brian's trip.  The rest of the week was spent lazing around and trying out various tea shops.  Definitely the best week of my time here so far.  

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