Saturday, September 20, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden

Sorry for the silence -- the next thing on my agenda to write about was my boyfriend Brian's visit, and I was putting off editing the pictures this week because I was still sad about him leaving.  But I finally got around to it today, with help from my favorite tea shop and a yummy tea.  And what better to drink than green tea while editing pictures from a Japanese style garden?

Brian arrived two weeks ago, late on a Friday night, so we found a cheap hotel because there was no way I was making a two hour drive home at midnight.  It ended up being a perfect plan, because it meant we got to spend some time in Portland.

We started the day with a delicious breakfast at City State Diner.  It wasn't in the downtown area, but I can't really say what part of Portland it was in, since we just randomly found it with a little help from Siri.  A good find too, because it was amazingly delicious, and a super cute little place.

Then we headed off to our plan for the day: the Japanese Garden in Washington Park.

 It was beautiful, and would have been extremely relaxing if there hadn't been a lot of other people.  Paths wound through a little forested area, wooden bridges and large stepping stones helped you get across small streams that joined ponds together.  There were statues and small fountains among the trees, and some raked sand gardens.

 The two best parts were the large waterfall, and the view of Portland from one side of the garden.  It was hard to capture it well in a picture.  From there, you can really see just how small it is -- especially compared to the mountains in the distance.

I've mostly only been exposed to English/other eastern garden styles, so this was a fun experience.  According to the internet, it's the best Japanese garden in American (and possibly anywhere outside of Japan? Too lazy to look that up again).  The only downside was the amount of people also wandering around.  Now I want a fountain in my future garden/backyard.

Since this is very picture-heavy, I'll talk about the rest of Brian's trip in another post! So stay tuned for that, probably tomorrow or the next day.

Tea of the day: silver tip jasmine green tea.

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