Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alton Baker Park Adventure

I had a busy busy weekend and got to use my camera a lot!  And then of course I took forever to edit my pictures, but sometimes I get lazy when it rains (and the rest of the time...)

Anyway, whenever I go running I can believe how pretty the morning fall light is at Alton Baker Park, so on Friday instead of running, I brought my camera and tripod out to take some pictures.  Tripod, because I wanted to try and take some backlit pictures of people, but with no one to ask to be my subject... I used myself.

The frosted dandelion puffs were basically the number one reason I was excited to take morning pictures, they are so pretty.

This is one of my favorite parts of the trail to run through, because it makes me think of Alice and Wonderland and/or Narnia.

Fall isn't as pretty in Oregon as in New England, but it will do.  At least it's a state that does have a fall season (even if there's a lot of rain)!

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