Monday, October 27, 2014

Last week was a week of food.  I made lots of delicious fall treats, because what else do you do when you're done with work at 8 am? Ok, I wouldn't done it no matter what time I work, because I love food.  I also took some other random pictures around my apartment for some added fun (aka so my family can see some of my fall decorations).

My squash collection has also grown after I got a fall package from my parents.  Neville loves to get up there and knock my new mini pumpkin down.

Tree near my apartment in full fall colors.

 I didn't want to cut up my decorative pumpkin so I bought one just to roast into seeds. Yum.

Mini apple pies, pie filling in the process, homemade hash browns, spaghetti squash pizza crust.  Not pictures: left over spaghetti squash in homemade mac and cheese sauce.  Accidentally added double the amount of butter I needed, and it was awesome.  Next on the list: chocolate chip cookies.  I've got all the ingredients, just need to stop being lazy.

Hint to my sister's Christmas present.

And as always, Neville.  Love when I hit the shutter button at the right time, he moves around so much.

And now back to listening to Taylor Swift's new cd. 

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  1. You look so domestic! That'll be me next year, being a real adult lol.
    Also you should get bloglovin' for your blog, so I can follow you on there!