Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Straight 800

I came out of racing retirement... in a very painful way.

I ran in the Nick Symmonds Springfield Straight 800 last Friday.  Because when else will you get to meet a US champion/Olympian, and run the only USATF sanctioned straight 800? Only in Tracktown, USA.  It was a painful experience, having only run once in the week leading up the race, but fun nonetheless. I definitely had no idea what I was doing and took it out way too fast, but I'd say my finishing time of 2:45 was fairly respectable for not being a frequent runner since I finished my track career.  And obviously I ran fully outfitted in my BU gear.

The race was right in downtown Springfield, super close to my apartment.  People from work were covering the event, and some also participated, so it was fun to get to see people I knew!  Makes me feel less like the old cat lady that I secretly am.

Bought a pretty cool shirt with my race fee, and KEZI sponsored it, so when I move it will be an extra cool keepsake from my life here.

And because I'm sure everyone is missing Neville:

What a cute, snuggly guy (except for right now, attacking the window and futon for no reason...).

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