Saturday, November 29, 2014

Past Few Weeks

I feel like I'm always posting about food... and here's another food heavy post!  Although I feel like I should get a pass this week, because it was Thanksgiving.  I haven't posted in a few weeks, so here's a quick recap of what I did, and what I ate.

 It was a busy week last week, because I dog sat for a few days to help my friend out.  It was nice for me, I got to snuggle with Moose, watch tv on a big HD screen, and do some laundry.  I even was brave and took Moose for a walk,  my first walk with a dog where I was actually holding the leash. It was quite an experience for me, a cat person.  Dogs are easily excited, pretty much have ADD, and everyone seems to think they can just talk to you because you have a dog with you.  There's a reason I'm a cat person, I prefer to curl up in corners alone haha. But it was fun playing dog owner for a few days.

That weekend, I cooked what is probably my most favorite lasagna dish: caprese lasagna roll-ups. The photo above isn't my cooking, it's from the original recipe I used, but it would be hard to describe them otherwise.  It's based off of a caprese salad, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.  Basil is basically my favorite spice, so I loved having a good amount of that flavor. And even though I don't generally like tomatoes, it was a nice texture change from the usual lasagna with just sauce and cheese. Most of all, I was proud of myself for cooking the noodles without breaking any in the pot, so that I was actually able to roll them up.

Continuing on in chronological order: last Sunday I had my first cat mom scare, after Neville fell off the fridge.  He slipped on a bag of magnets I had up there, and sprained his hind leg in the fall.  He was limping really badly, and so we spent two hours at the emergency vet getting him checked.  Luckily he just needed some pain meds and was confined to my room for a few days while he healed, and he's not limping anymore.  Let me tell you, it's not pleasant sleeping in the same room as a litter box!

Now, I don't even think he remembers he was injured earlier in the week.

Thanksgiving was also this week.  I stayed up "late" (4 p.m. compared to my usual 2 p.m.) to have dinner at my friends' house, the ones with the dog.  They cooked the turkey, and the rest of us attending -- most from work -- brought side dishes. It was the first time they'd ever cooked a turkey, and it turned out really well! Neville approved too, he gobbled up the leftovers I brought him right away.  My favorite part has always been the mashed potatoes, so I was pretty excited to find that there were two different versions available.  If you're wondering what my contribution was: I was boring and bought basic steamed green beans.

And as for yesterday -- it was a great day. Our Black Friday live coverage went really well, and although there was little local news aside from that,  I still managed to put together a show I was really proud of, and it was off with no problems.  I cleaned my whole apartment, decorated for Christmas (pictures to come soon) and finished the day off watching movies while eating my favorite alfredo sauce recipe over tortellini, and some chocolate cake.

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