Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Recent Eats & New Activity

I've continued trying some of the recipes I find/keep on Pinterest, and my stomach is quiet satisfied with the new dishes.

Some of my most recent things:

 This absolutely delicious (and easy!) pizza crust recipe.  All baking ingredients you're already likely to have in the kitchen plus your favorite pizza toppings.  I definitely need to make this again soon... maybe tomorrow!

Recipe here.

And this was my amazing breakfast over the weekend.  Eggs, bacon, cheese, and basil on an open Pillsbury crescent roll. I guess you could almost call this a breakfast pizza? The cheese is parmesan, which I would never think to pair with eggs (I'm more of a cheddar person for breakfast foods) but I'm glad  I followed the recipe, because it ended up tasting great!  I also reminded me a lot of one of my favorite Eugene restaurants, Off the Waffle.

Recipe here.

We're having a morning show Christmas party this weekend, and I plan to try out a cheesy bacon dip.  Pretty excited to try that one out.

And last but not least on today's blog agenda: my most recent skill/hobby/activity:
I taught myself how to crochet! In other words: I think I've reached the full potential of an old cat lady at just 22 years old.

  I've made four ear warmers already since it's the most basic thing you can make.  No, they aren't all for me -- easy extra Christmas presents! Now I'm working on making a hat, and it's definitely a challenge.  I'm always amazed by how useful YouTube is, because I would never have figured out any of this without tutorial videos.  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's Christmas time!

I think one of the things I was most excited for about having my own place (aside from decorating it for everyday life) was decorating it for Christmas!  I made myself hold off until after Thanksgiving, but then I had a blast decorating it.  Since my morning is at night, it helps start my day off right by turning on the Christmas tree and seeing it glow in the darkness.

I have a (fake) Christmas tree, a (fake) evergreen/lights/gold ornaments garland around my curtain rod, and then I made some little holiday themed bouquets to put in some hanging vases.  It's hard to capture the magic with a camera, it's never able to fully capture the way the lights sparkle off the ornaments.  

Part of the reason I was so excited to decorate... was to take a Christmas photo with Neville.  It of course took many many tries and some leftover Thanksgiving turkey to get that Santa hat on him, and a good image.  

And even though I don't have room for a real tree, I still got to go help my friends pick one out!  

We went to Northern Lights Christmas tree farm.  It was absolutely adorable, with little goats running around to pet, and a hay ride to get to the trees! I love the smell of Christmas trees.  

Another holiday activity I've checked off my list? Decorating a gingerbread house, and wrapping my family's presents. I'm hoping that when my family visits we can make some cookies -- I'm very excited to be able to spend the holidays with them!