Monday, January 5, 2015

Silouette Kitchen Art

I changed up the look of my kitchen this weekend with some fairly easy artwork!  I've had the EAT letters for a while, and I used to have a bulletin board under it ... but my cat apparently thought it was a scratching post, even after I covered it with fabric.  I've always loved art like this and this for a kitchen, so I decided to try it out myself!


- 3 canvases (you can often find 3 packs on sale for $3)
- black poster board or construction paper (Dollar Store)
- black frames (Dollar Store)

I already had
- acrylic paint
- foam brush
-painters tape
- nail scissors
- x-acto knife
- glue
- paper and pencil for planning designs

overall cost: $7
If you don't have the other supplies, they're fairly inexpensive and wouldn't bump up the cost too much.

Start by painting the canvases.  Create the white edges by placing painters tape flush against the side of the canvas and painting the inside.  The make the middle, inverted canvas, use the tape to create a rectangle inside the canvas, and paint the edges. Mine took about three coats, with drying in between.

While paint is drying, pick your kitchen items for the silhouettes.  I decided to pick items I use a lot, so I chose a spatula, cheese grater, and a stirring spoon.  The next part was the hardest for me: sketch the items to size.  I'm not really an artist by any means but trust me - once it's cut out in black, it will look much better than it does in the sketch.

Once you have a final design, cut the items out and trace them onto the black poster board. Use the x-acto knife to cut the outlines, and the nail scissors for the details. You can use regular scissors for everything of course, but the x-acto knife helps get a cleaner line, and the nail scissors are amazing for the small curves.  Trying to cut the cheese grater holes with regular scissors? Definitely wasn't going to happen.

Once everything is cut out, place them on your canvases to make sure everything looks right.  Text a friend a picture if you have to! I did, and they helped me realize that I needed to thicken the handle of my spatula. It's better to figure out your mistakes before you glue them down.

And that's obviously the next step! Glue the silhouettes down, and you're done!  Frame them if you like, or just hang them as is.  I was afraid they'd turn into cat toys without the protective glass.

Mine are hanging over my built in table (not pictured, because it's super ugly) but these would also be great along any blank kitchen wall.  

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