Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time to Get Active

After weeks (months) of barely exercising, I'm going to be starting up again soon!  Yesterday I signed up for the new Planet Fitness that's set to open up in my city in a few weeks.  I was in a great routine in the summer, running a few times a week, but when it's gray and foggy out I have no motivation to run even when it's 40-50 degrees out.

I'm hoping when the gym opens in two, I can start a great routine of going home after work, eating, then heading over for a run or bike, maybe some easy weights or core.  I'm always starving after work, and I think part of my problem was that I didn't get to eat if I ran directly after, but then once I'm home I don't want to go back in the cold.  Now that I'll be paying for it, I'll have the motivation to go work out! I was really glad to see a Planet Fitness opening around here, since it's so much cheaper than the average gym, just $10 a month!

Now it's time to get mentally prepared to be dissatisfied with my performance -- and very sore, too.

And yes, that is a dalek on my keychain.  

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