Monday, January 26, 2015

Vintage Suitcase Redo

In the early fall at some point, I found an amazing vintage suitcase at Value Village for around $5.  I fell in love, carried it around the store for a while, and then bought it, planning to find a use for it and fix it up quickly.  Not it's the end of January, and I've finally accomplished it.

Not pictured: the suitcase with its original nasty vinyl inside.  I ripped that and the batting out.  It wasn't too hard, the tiny staples came out easily, but some of the batting did kind of linger on the cardboard.  For my new lining, I used some fat quarters from JoAnns (super cheap) and some thick ribbon from Michael's.  I didn't entirely think it through, because the glue shows through the thin cotton fabric.  If I ever decided to re-line it, I think it would work better to use something heavier, like felt. Since that has more structure and strength, I think I could easily sew pockets onto it too.  Is it bad that I'm already thinking about the future of this suitcase (or a new one?).

I didn't have time to do craft stuff in college, so I'm just now starting to re-accumulate a bunch of random supplies.  Random leftover beads from one project, a small bottle of acrylic paint here and there, the rest of the ribbon spool from this project.  So I grabbed some plastic containers at the grocery store, filled them up by item, and now I have a great little box with the majority of supplies in one place.

I think it would be fun to eventually have a bunch of these with different supplies in each kind.  Mostly, I have this dream in my head of eventually picking up scrapbooking, and having everything fit perfectly into a little vintage suitcase.

Every time I write a post, I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to becoming a full on 65-year-old cat lady/grandma.  But as long as I'm having fun, I don't care! 

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