Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Backwards Life

I figured it's about time I write about my backwards schedule. Everyone always asks me how my day works, even people I work with!  They always seem to forget because it's so weird.  It changes on the weekends when I try and flip over to a normal sleeping schedule, but a basic day goes like this:

10pm - wake up, eat breakfast, get ready for work
11pm to 7:30am/8am-ish - work work work, generally feeling like I'm constantly behind schedule to get my show done on time, but I always am.
        - compile and write local, national, international stories and determine the order of them in the show
        - monitor my show from the control room/booth to make sure it starts/ends on time, getting rid of stories if the show will be too long, adding breaking news as necessary
       - post show meeting to discuss that day and plan for the next

8am - generally home at this point, eat dinner.  Yes, actual dinner food, such as chicken, fish, pasta, whatever.

9am - 12noon
      Since I just joined a gym, I'm going to work out a few times a week after dinner.
      I'll often work on some kind of project, or watch Netflix, play with Neville, etc.
      I try to shower around 10am to make sure my bangs dry normally before going to bed, so I don't         look like a crazy person at work.

Noon - start to get ready for bed, usually take my Netflix into bed and then read (Neville usually joins me)
      I keep my blackout curtains closed, turn my overhead light off, and crack my door to make it               appear to be dark like nighttime. I often think of this as my time in my cave.

2pm - Bedtime! It's often a little bit after 2 because I procrastinate going to sleep because even after nearly 9 months, it still feels bizarre to go to sleep in the afternoon.

On Fridays, I usually go home from work and eat, and then try and nap for a few hours before running errands or going to workout, or cleaning.  I try to use Friday productively because it's such a big part of my weekend.  Saturday I get the full day, but Sunday is a weird awkward half day (wake up at 6:30am, then back to bed around 2:30).

So there it is.  My weird, backwards schedule.  I am at least glad that it's only on weekdays, and that I get my normal weekends to flip my schedule and see friends.... Although I'm 85% sure that going back and forth with my sleeping patterns has already cut at least 5 years off my life!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday the 13th is never unlucky to me, because sometimes it's my birthday! And that was the case this past Friday.  I was a little worried I'd have kind of a sad birthday since none of my family or best friends are here, but it ended up being a great (but long) day!

I had work as usual, so the fun started off at 11pm with cards and foods from friends/coworkers, and continued as more morning show people trickled in.

There were three balloons total, and Neville has been loving playing with the ribbons dangling near the floor.  He keeps grabbing them in his mouth and dragging the balloons throughout my living room area.  I'm sure he'll love it as they lose helium and get closer to the ground.

After work, I opened all the cards I'd been saving, and also got a few more deliveries throughout the day!

Everyone clearly knows me well, so much cat themed stuff! I also made my first trip to Planet Fitness that afternoon, it was nice to get out and get some exercise.  For dinner, I made my first trip to a sit down (not fast food) restaurant and got dinner, because I had a coupon for a certain amount off the meal on your birthday.  It's in walking distance from my apartment, so super quick and easy.  It was nice to not deal with Neville trying to steal my food, and I didn't really mind eating out alone.  There was no one to distract me from eating my fajitas!

And finally, I finished off the night getting drinks and food out with one of my friends.  We tried a newish cider house in downtown Eugene, and it was amazing!  I was expecting it to have more typical bar food, but it had a really nice atmosphere and all of the food was really classy looking (and yummy), as you can tell by the cheese plate above.  The cider was also delicious, and they had so many different flavors, I'll definitely need to go back!

My birthday will feel like it's continuing for the next week, as I eat all of the goodies people gave me (including that awesome cookie bouquet) and figure out how I'll spend the gift cards I got as presents.  Glad to say I happily survived my first birthday on the west coast. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Island Park

I can't believe it's already Saturday again!  It feels like the week goes by so slowly while I'm living it, but as soon as it hits Friday it seems like the weekend snuck up on me!

Exactly a week ago, I decided to check out a park not too far from my house.  There's a little blue sign for "Island Park" that I see every time I go to my friends house to hang out, do laundry, or take care of her dogs, and I've always been curious.  I was hoping you'd actually have access to the island, but sadly there is no way to get there.

It was very bare, but I guess I'll need to go back and see what it looks like when leaves are back on the trees.  There were benches near the river, so it could potentially be a nice place to read and escape heat in the summer, maybe test out the running path.

I recently did a quick search and realized just how many parks there are in the Eugene/Springfield area. I might make it a summer goal to go check them all out, who knows what cool areas I might find? Maybe something will beat out Alton Baker as my favorite. I think I like that one best because there are areas where the path has so many tall trees on either side that it feels like you're in the middle of the woods, even though you're just minutes from busy areas and the Duck's stadium.

It's only February, but it looks like spring is coming soon to Oregon!  Last week this little plant springing up (daffodils?) and the farmer's market moved back outside for the first time since November.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Painted, Leather Handled Tote

I'm back once again with a tutorial! This time,  I made ... you guessed it, a painted tote bag with leather handles! Titles are so nice, aren't they? Unfortunately, the cat you see is not included in your final product, although I do highly suggest investing in one.

(Inspired by this.)

 This was a great project that lasted a few days while I waited for various bits to dry, but it could also probably be done in one day.  I just wanted to make it last so it used up more the boring after work part of my day.

You will need:
- tote bag (mine was left over from a 3 set)
- leather strap (mine was about 42 inches long)
- fabric paint
- foam brush
- needle, thread
- poster board
- x-acto knife
- tape measure
- pen or pencil
- heavy duty glue

Start by drawing a heart (or whatever shape you want to make) either directly onto your poster board, or onto a scrap piece of paper.  I used an old grocery bag and did the classic fold-in-half-and-draw-half-a-heart move.  No way could I have made a nice looking heart without that.  Or, if you have a printer, print a shape out.

However you eventually get around to it: cut your desired shape out of your poster board.  This will be your stencil.

Put a piece of cardboard inside the tote to keep your paint from bleeding to the other side.  If you forget this step, don't worry -- I did too and it only bled to the inside of the other side of the bag, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Place the stencil where ever you would like it to be on your tote, and tape it all down - tote, stencil, everything.  You don't want your cat to jump up on it and move everything (thankfully, I did not learn that the hard way).

Sponge your paint onto the stencil.  I found it best to work around the edges, sponging it on both the tote and side of the stencil at once.  I think this got me a cleaner, more even line.

Fill in the rest of your heart, then leave it flat to dry.  Cut off the cloth straps so that you have just an awkward canvas sack.  Then get your new handles ready! Measure the strap, mark the middle, and carefully cut through.

Figure out where you'd like to place your straps, then glue them with your glue.  I used some kind of Gorilla Glue that I had in my tool box.  I used clothes pins to hold them in place while they dried.

When the glue is dry, sew around the edges however you'd like it to look.  Oh a bag I made for my sister for Christmas, I made decorative Xs with the thread, on one for my mom, I did a normal stitch all the way around.

My leather was pretty thin, but it still took some forcing and pushing to get the needle through.  If you have a thicker embroidery needle, I would recommend using that, but it is possible to get away without it.

Then, voila, you're done!

If you're lucky, you'll finally be able to take a picture without your cat getting curious and getting in the shot!  I wouldn't recommend carrying super heavy things it this because I haven't done rigorous scientific testing on how much weight it can hold. For example, don't put your child it in (I'm looking at you and that L.L. Bean tote mom!)

I plan to use mine next time I go to my tea shop, and perhaps the next time I go to the farmer's market.  I am in Oregon, that's what people do with totes here: fill them with organic, GMO-free produce.