Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday the 13th is never unlucky to me, because sometimes it's my birthday! And that was the case this past Friday.  I was a little worried I'd have kind of a sad birthday since none of my family or best friends are here, but it ended up being a great (but long) day!

I had work as usual, so the fun started off at 11pm with cards and foods from friends/coworkers, and continued as more morning show people trickled in.

There were three balloons total, and Neville has been loving playing with the ribbons dangling near the floor.  He keeps grabbing them in his mouth and dragging the balloons throughout my living room area.  I'm sure he'll love it as they lose helium and get closer to the ground.

After work, I opened all the cards I'd been saving, and also got a few more deliveries throughout the day!

Everyone clearly knows me well, so much cat themed stuff! I also made my first trip to Planet Fitness that afternoon, it was nice to get out and get some exercise.  For dinner, I made my first trip to a sit down (not fast food) restaurant and got dinner, because I had a coupon for a certain amount off the meal on your birthday.  It's in walking distance from my apartment, so super quick and easy.  It was nice to not deal with Neville trying to steal my food, and I didn't really mind eating out alone.  There was no one to distract me from eating my fajitas!

And finally, I finished off the night getting drinks and food out with one of my friends.  We tried a newish cider house in downtown Eugene, and it was amazing!  I was expecting it to have more typical bar food, but it had a really nice atmosphere and all of the food was really classy looking (and yummy), as you can tell by the cheese plate above.  The cider was also delicious, and they had so many different flavors, I'll definitely need to go back!

My birthday will feel like it's continuing for the next week, as I eat all of the goodies people gave me (including that awesome cookie bouquet) and figure out how I'll spend the gift cards I got as presents.  Glad to say I happily survived my first birthday on the west coast. 

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