Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Backwards Life

I figured it's about time I write about my backwards schedule. Everyone always asks me how my day works, even people I work with!  They always seem to forget because it's so weird.  It changes on the weekends when I try and flip over to a normal sleeping schedule, but a basic day goes like this:

10pm - wake up, eat breakfast, get ready for work
11pm to 7:30am/8am-ish - work work work, generally feeling like I'm constantly behind schedule to get my show done on time, but I always am.
        - compile and write local, national, international stories and determine the order of them in the show
        - monitor my show from the control room/booth to make sure it starts/ends on time, getting rid of stories if the show will be too long, adding breaking news as necessary
       - post show meeting to discuss that day and plan for the next

8am - generally home at this point, eat dinner.  Yes, actual dinner food, such as chicken, fish, pasta, whatever.

9am - 12noon
      Since I just joined a gym, I'm going to work out a few times a week after dinner.
      I'll often work on some kind of project, or watch Netflix, play with Neville, etc.
      I try to shower around 10am to make sure my bangs dry normally before going to bed, so I don't         look like a crazy person at work.

Noon - start to get ready for bed, usually take my Netflix into bed and then read (Neville usually joins me)
      I keep my blackout curtains closed, turn my overhead light off, and crack my door to make it               appear to be dark like nighttime. I often think of this as my time in my cave.

2pm - Bedtime! It's often a little bit after 2 because I procrastinate going to sleep because even after nearly 9 months, it still feels bizarre to go to sleep in the afternoon.

On Fridays, I usually go home from work and eat, and then try and nap for a few hours before running errands or going to workout, or cleaning.  I try to use Friday productively because it's such a big part of my weekend.  Saturday I get the full day, but Sunday is a weird awkward half day (wake up at 6:30am, then back to bed around 2:30).

So there it is.  My weird, backwards schedule.  I am at least glad that it's only on weekdays, and that I get my normal weekends to flip my schedule and see friends.... Although I'm 85% sure that going back and forth with my sleeping patterns has already cut at least 5 years off my life!

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