Monday, March 2, 2015


Welllll what have I been up to lately? It feels like February just flew by.  I guess that what tends to happen with the shortest month!

I've been up to my usual tricks: doing some kind of craft, eating, playing with Neville, watching Netflix. My latest projects have been metal stamped jewelry.  It's fun to be able to personalize it to whatever I want.  Above is the "alohomora" bar charm I made into a necklace, because who doesn't want Harry Potter themed jewelry? The letters are really tiny and sometimes hard to line up, so I have definitely messed up a few times but it's still fun.  This weekend, I realized I could stamp onto some of my flat keys from my key collection, so that's going to be fun to try out.

 I got my first manicure this month! I went with my friends Carrie and Sarah as a belated birthday event. Definitely nice getting my hands massaged, but sadly the polish didn't last that much longer than when I do it myself.

 Caprese sandwich.  It was amazing.  I went on a weekday trek to downtown Eugene to get the baguette, because I obviously had to have this on the best bread possible.

I was watching the movie Prefontaine about famed UO runner Steve Prefontaine, and would you look at which local station they chose to use for a sports anchor bit? I thought that was pretty cool.

Over the weekend I did a photoshoot to practice some skills before I second shoot a wedding later this month.  I just went through them to pick my favorites, and I can't wait to edit them later this week!

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