Thursday, March 26, 2015

Putting it all Together

My scrapbook and inserts came in the mail, I printed pictures, and now I'm putting it all together!  It is thankfully just as fun as I was anticipating.  I've skipped the gym a few times this week to do this instead!  Well, most things are more fun than the gym, so that might not properly convey my feelings.

Today I meant to only work on it for an hour or so, but then suddenly three hours were gone.  It felt great to get lost in something fun.  Time flies like that at work too sometimes, but that generally comes with a stressful, will-I-be-done-in-time feeling.  The only bad part about doing so much so fast is that I'll run out of pages very soon.  Thankfully, I plan on taking a ton of pictures during Brian's visit (next week!) so hopefully I'll be able to make those pages last for longer.

Speaking of pictures ... tomorrow I'm second shooting that wedding I've talked about!  I'm both excited and nervous, and I hope I capture all the moments the way the photographer is envisioning.  Weird thinking that some random couple could have my pictures on their mantle -- or even a scrapbook.

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  1. #Jealous. I need to start scrapbooking, too. Glad you're occupying your time as a real adult. Soon, this will be me in a couple months ><