Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scrapbook Preparations

Well, I just bounce from one craft to the next don't I? I think it's fun to have a few different stashes of supplies and things to do though, the variety and new excitement is definitely good for me out here.

My latest obsession: scrapbooking.  I always loved the scrapbooks my mom made me and my sister growing up, and my favorite DIY blog has shown different scrapbooking ideas for years.  So when that blog started producing their own scrapbooks and supplies, I decided to go for it and figure out a theme.  Once I decided it would be fun to document the trips Brian and I have taken (and will take) to visit each other, my mind started whirling with ideas!

The album, pages, and the photo prints I ordered online are all set to arrive next week, but I've already started some prep work.  And ever since I decided to start my scrapbook, I've been slowly accumulating supplies to go with my ideas at Michael's, JoAnn's, and Ben Franklin Crafts.  If you do it right, you never have to pay full price at Michael's and JoAnn's, and it's amazing to have locations so close to me.  Although often my "quick trips" turn quite long as I wander the isles looking for deals and inspiration.

Above are these new (to me) kinds of stamps -- each letter is made out of this rubber that clings on to that plastic block.  They seem to be cheaper than the wooden backed stamp, and since it's all clear you can see the spacing and placement better! I paired those stamps with a stitched outline of Spencer Butte to put with pictures from the hike Brian and I did back in September.

I can't wait to put the rest of it together and get more ideas once I start laying everything out! Planner that I am, I already blocked out which pictures I'm putting in each section of the page protectors.  I don't have the best history of following up in a timely fashion on here, but hopefully when the pages I have planned are done, I'll share them on here.

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