Monday, March 16, 2015

Skinner's Butte Photoshoot

Two weeks after I promised I'm finally sharing my photos from a photoshoot I did on Skinner's Butte!  It was my first time up on the butte (it's an easy driver but I've never found the way up) and it has an absolutely beautiful view of downtown Eugene and Spencer Butte in the background.

I did it with a local photographer, Blush Pink Photography , and she gave me a bunch of tips.  It was really fun, I haven't shot things besides objects/my cat in a long time.  We went around 8 a.m. (before daylight saving) and the lighting was beautiful.

(these aren't top quality uploads but I can't figure out how to fix that)

I also had a good time editing these this morning.  Just like I haven't taken pictures of people recently, I'm not used to editing them.  It all sparked my creativity and made me want to get out and take more pictures! If only Neville didn't move so fast and I could catch some cute ones of him playing with his new toys ;)

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