Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Visit!

So my boyfriend Brian visited about a week ago, and just like last time it was tons and tons of fun.  Neville also enjoyed it as you can see.

So what did we do?  We went to a cat cafe in Portland right after he got off the plane.

Yes, it was awesome. Cats and cat toys everywhere! Beverages ranging from tea and coffee to random craft beers (because Oregon), cat shaped cookies, and cheese plates.  I kind of expected it to be weirdos, but it was basically all couples.  And yes, the majority of them fit the hipster qualification in terms of looks.  Because again, Oregon.

On Easter, we decorated eggs, a few Harry Potter themed.  I also put together an Easter basket at the Dollar Store.  Definitely recommend that place for all sorts of cheap holiday things.  There were some decent chocolate brands!

We also ate delicious food of course.  Because what's a vacation if you don't get delicious food?

And some sight seeing -- you can see all of downtown Eugene from Skinner Butte.  It's also an easy drive to the top.

I also showed Brian a winery outside Eugene.  It was a really nice day and there weren't many people so we had a little corner on the patio all to ourselves!  I even kind of liked the wine I got, it's like I'm becoming a real adult! Mostly I was excited to wear that hat, because it feels like a hat that should be worn at a winery. After being classy, we went and were less classy, playing pool at a sports bar.  We tried to be less classy at a skating arena and then a bowling alley, but apparently things don't like to be open to the public on Thursdays.

I took plenty of pictures to be able to put in my album! It's nice that I won't have to rely on the internet/just going through pictures on my computer to reminisce.  Scrapbooked albums can include little quotes and descriptions of memories along with the photos.  Kind of like a blog, yes, but it's nice to have something more tangible.

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