Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lincoln City

 So it was quiiite a few weekends ago now (three?) that I went to Lincoln City with my friend Carrie.  We were on the hunt for glass floats along the beach.  Every couple weekends, the city drops glass orbs and other glass items up and down its costal limits for people to find.  I think it's something to get local tourists during the off season, and it definitely intrigued us!

 As I'm sure you're already guessing from the lack of pictures of a glass float... we didn't find anything.  We searched for about two hours, but we were either looking in the wrong place, or at the wrong time.  They can apparently be dropped anywhere, at any time, so it's nothing you can really plan for.  It was still fun! The day was fairly warm, and it felt nice to have my toes in the sand and cold surf.

Once we finished on the beach, we stopped at the local outlets, found some a few deals before eating delicious ice cream, and sleepily doing the two hour drive home.  What is it about the ocean air that takes so much out of you? We were almost too tired to hit up more than a store or two (but obviously rallied when we saw some great things in the windows). 

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