Sunday, May 31, 2015

Prefontaine Classic + dreams coming true

I went to the Prefontaine Classic yesterday expecting to have a pretty good time, watch my favorite athlete race, and see some good races.  I did not expect to get to meet my favorite athlete!
 !!!! During her victory lap after the 400, I saw Allyson Felix take a few pictures with people, so when she came by I had to ask!  I wish I could've actually said something to her about how she was my sprinting idol, but once she said yes I was just tongue tied.  I might've accidentally squealed for a second? The only reason I  went to the meet was because I saw she was racing, and then I almost didn't go because the tickets were kind of expensive.  I can't even express how glad I am that I did go! This was worth everything, and probably the coolest thing that's happened to me in I don't know how long.
 During the races, I had a prime spot on the back curve (called the Bowerman Curve after the famous former coach), and I got to take some pictures.  At the time, I thought this was the coolest opportunity of the meet, getting to watch  and take photos Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards Ross race a 400 at the best track facility in the nation.

 In addition to those two favorite women, I got to watch a slew of other elite athletes. Justin Gatlin (pictured above), Tyson Gay, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce (slapped her hand during her victory lap for the 100), and others.  Almost every race finished with the victor getting the fastest time in the world so far this year.  The women's 5k was the most excited I've ever seen an entire facility get about a race that long.  The winner almost broke the world record (she ended up getting the 5th fastest time ever) and she ran the meet record, Hayward Field record, and fastest 5k ever on U.S soil.  Overall, an incredible experience.  Though I'm not always the happiest out here, away from family and friends, it's quite the opportunity to get to live in (ok, next town over from) Track Town, USA.  The U.S. championships are coming up in a few weeks when once of my friends is visiting, I might need to look into getting tickets...

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Last weekend I did a mini, one night camping trip with my friend Sarah.  It was a bit of a failure in terms of our camping skills (we couldn't get a fire started -- everything was too wet, should've expected nothing less out of the Pacific Northwest) but we had fun anyway.

 We still managed to make s'mores... in the most trashy way possible.

The drive out was an experience in itself.  The campground was in the Willamette National Forest, and the furthest east I've been in Oregon, about an hour and a half drive from Springfield.  It was very pretty, along the McKenzie River the majority of the way.

Highlights of the drive -- going through Nimrod, OR and Rainbow, OR (who knew those existed?) and seeing this sign:
Anybody up for some broasted chicken? 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fundraiser & Projects

Nothing is more fun than getting dressed up and I got to do just that on Saturday!  I got a somewhat free ticket (I felt bad not donating any money) to a fundraiser dinner for a local non profit that works to end domestic violence.  One of our anchors was hosting the event so we had a whole table of people from work.  It was mostly people I work with on the morning show so that made it more fun, we got a free drink and a delicious steak dinner!  Plus, like I said, I got an excuse to put on higher heels than I wear to work and actually put on some make up.

 We took advantage of the photobooth there.  In the top photo I'm squished in the middle wearing -- what else -- cat ears!

I did the classic girl move that night, and despite my many purses I claimed I had none for the event (aka none that went well with what I was wearing) so I made one! What a nice transition into my "projects" section of this post...

Here it is! It only took a few hours, some glue, and my sewing machine to get this together! First time sewing a zipper on something so I'm glad I didn't mess it up!  All in all, it cost less than $20 and it's made with real leather.

Other things I've made recently:

Cat shoes, inspired by this. Neville scratched these cheap Target shoes last summer and I haven't worn them since, so I figured it was more than appropriate to turn cat ruined shoes into shoes with cats on them!

And last but not least -- I painted my brand new nail polish rack! I found it for just $4 at an antique fair that happened across from my apartment a few weeks ago.  It took forever to get it that color because it was originally red, the hardest color to cover up. But now I feel like I have a little salon in my own bathroom.

I would have one more thing to share, but I don't want to spoil my sister's birthday surprise! I have to mail it out soon and I can't wait for her to get it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eating & Running

Whoops, as usual, it's been awhile! I feel like I've been busy, training for the 5K I just ran, doing things on the weekends with friends, sleeping, work, food, the usual.  So I'm back for a quick update!

First up: the things I've eaten/made! Obviously the most important. Clockwise left to right: homemade lo mein, I'm very proud of myself and it was delicious; homemade meatballs and garlic bread on my favorite baguette, looked forward to making that meal all last week; hot pretzel made with a mix my mom sent me; finally bought this chocolate caramel tart at one of my favorite bakeries after wanting it for months, and it lived up to my expectations and beyond.

And as for that 5K I mentioned! It was my first in about four years, I think the last time I ran one was the summer before my sophomore year of college.

I ran the Eugene Marathon 5K on Saturday, and it was kind of fun to be back in a race.  I was hoping to just be faster than 25 minutes (8 minute miles) because I hadn't been training too far/long/fast, but I ended up running 22:53! About 7:22 miles according to the results.  That time was good enough to place 6th overall for women, and 2nd in my age group! And I wasn't just excited with my performance: Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton and his Olympian wife Brianne Theisen gave a little speech before the race began and started it off, and the last 150 or so meters of the race was on Hayward Field.  An amazing experience for a former track athlete and definitely something I'll remember when I move out of Oregon.

And what's a race without tasty food after? I went to breakfast at a local cafe with two of my friends who also did the 5K!

Coming up soon: a fundraiser gala and what projects I've been working on.