Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eating & Running

Whoops, as usual, it's been awhile! I feel like I've been busy, training for the 5K I just ran, doing things on the weekends with friends, sleeping, work, food, the usual.  So I'm back for a quick update!

First up: the things I've eaten/made! Obviously the most important. Clockwise left to right: homemade lo mein, I'm very proud of myself and it was delicious; homemade meatballs and garlic bread on my favorite baguette, looked forward to making that meal all last week; hot pretzel made with a mix my mom sent me; finally bought this chocolate caramel tart at one of my favorite bakeries after wanting it for months, and it lived up to my expectations and beyond.

And as for that 5K I mentioned! It was my first in about four years, I think the last time I ran one was the summer before my sophomore year of college.

I ran the Eugene Marathon 5K on Saturday, and it was kind of fun to be back in a race.  I was hoping to just be faster than 25 minutes (8 minute miles) because I hadn't been training too far/long/fast, but I ended up running 22:53! About 7:22 miles according to the results.  That time was good enough to place 6th overall for women, and 2nd in my age group! And I wasn't just excited with my performance: Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton and his Olympian wife Brianne Theisen gave a little speech before the race began and started it off, and the last 150 or so meters of the race was on Hayward Field.  An amazing experience for a former track athlete and definitely something I'll remember when I move out of Oregon.

And what's a race without tasty food after? I went to breakfast at a local cafe with two of my friends who also did the 5K!

Coming up soon: a fundraiser gala and what projects I've been working on.  

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