Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fundraiser & Projects

Nothing is more fun than getting dressed up and I got to do just that on Saturday!  I got a somewhat free ticket (I felt bad not donating any money) to a fundraiser dinner for a local non profit that works to end domestic violence.  One of our anchors was hosting the event so we had a whole table of people from work.  It was mostly people I work with on the morning show so that made it more fun, we got a free drink and a delicious steak dinner!  Plus, like I said, I got an excuse to put on higher heels than I wear to work and actually put on some make up.

 We took advantage of the photobooth there.  In the top photo I'm squished in the middle wearing -- what else -- cat ears!

I did the classic girl move that night, and despite my many purses I claimed I had none for the event (aka none that went well with what I was wearing) so I made one! What a nice transition into my "projects" section of this post...

Here it is! It only took a few hours, some glue, and my sewing machine to get this together! First time sewing a zipper on something so I'm glad I didn't mess it up!  All in all, it cost less than $20 and it's made with real leather.

Other things I've made recently:

Cat shoes, inspired by this. Neville scratched these cheap Target shoes last summer and I haven't worn them since, so I figured it was more than appropriate to turn cat ruined shoes into shoes with cats on them!

And last but not least -- I painted my brand new nail polish rack! I found it for just $4 at an antique fair that happened across from my apartment a few weeks ago.  It took forever to get it that color because it was originally red, the hardest color to cover up. But now I feel like I have a little salon in my own bathroom.

I would have one more thing to share, but I don't want to spoil my sister's birthday surprise! I have to mail it out soon and I can't wait for her to get it!

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