Thursday, June 11, 2015

Exploring Springfield

A few weeks ago I had a post planned in my head, but never ended up following through with it.  It was after I did my first run along the Willamette in Springfield.  I found what I thought was a new trail, but it amazingly ended up connecting with my favorite trails (Pre's trails) over at Alton Baker Park.  I've gone back quite a few times since then; it's nice to attack familiar trails from a different angle, and just the other day I decided to go off on some of the cement paths attached to it.

Anyway, all this to say that I've been trying to explore Springfield more.  I tend to just look for things in Eugene because, well, it has more things to do there.  But now I have these trails to explore (technically they are in Eugene but they are more Springfield based and a quicker drive) a new pizza place to try (so far I've just had calzones and garlic knots and they were awesome).

I also decided to check out this unique park called Doris Ranch.  It has trails, hazelnut orchards, and a living history museum.

Sadly, as I learned last weekend, the living history museum doesn't seem to be open to the public.  I'm thinking maybe just for field trips? The parks and rec website didn't mention any hours for the public to see it in action, but it was still cool to see the little replica cabins from the outside.  Like the game the Oregon Trail come to life!

I also went down a skinny little dirt trail, stumbling upon some cool views and one of the hazelnut orchards.

I was kind of wondering if the little path I was on was in fact a real trail, but this bridge showed me that it definitely was, thankfully.
 Unsure exactly what this little formation is... a butte? Must consult Google Maps.

Well apparently that little guy has no name, and didn't really show up on the maps.  It was hard to tell. Guess I'll have to try and drive around and see what he is because I bet the view is cool from the top.  Anyway, on to the rest of my excursion there:
Hazelnuts! Also called filberts out here for reasons I think I learned once but can't remember and am too lazy to look up.
The orchard was cool, now when I open a jar of nutella I can imagine where it's rooted (get it... tree jokes). The trees were unique, kind of a bunch of little ones growing out of one stump.  Planted far apart, but the branches all touched overhead making a green canopy.  I wished I had brought my book and a blanket so I could've just relaxed in the shade, but I'll just have to do that another time!  

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