Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy One Year!

I don't think I ever recognized any of my one years on here ... one year in Oregon ... one year at KEZI ... but really what I find to be the most important one I will talk about finally ... one year with Neville!

This date actually happened last Saturday, June 13. Why is this the most important one year anniversary you may ask? Well, I honestly don't know how I would've dealt with some stuff this year with my little kitty.  Living 3,000 miles away from all your friends and family is very hard, and even more so with a backwards schedule like mine.  So it's be amazing to have a little fuzzy person to come home to every day. He's always there excited at the door (either happy to see me or just happy he's about to get some food... I of course prefer to think it's the former). If I get sad he's there to cuddle with, if I get lonely I have someone I can interact with.  He's definitely the best thing Oregon's had to offer so far.

To celebrate his "birthday" I got him that adorable bowtie collar above.  Of course, since he didn't understand how handsome he looked, he scratched at it constantly and basically ruined it within three days.  It's currently sitting in a drawer with tons of strings coming off, and a hole in the bow.  It was nice while it lasted, and I'm glad I was able to get at least one cute picture of him in it.

And yes, it took a lot of effort to edit this post down to just four pictures of my little fur baby.

And speaking of cats ...

 I got this great mug yesterday with the last of a gift card! Neville sniffed at it, and seemed to approve. 

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