Thursday, June 25, 2015


This is probably the recent project I'm most proud of because it took a very long time and was something brand new.  I made a mosaic on top of a wooden box!

First of course, I painted the inside and outside, quite a few coats each.

Then came the fun part: deciding on a design.  I was originally going to go the easy route and just do alternating colors with the mixed bag of tiles I had, or maybe just kind of put them on in a random order.  But then my boyfriend suggested making a Greek inspired pattern (we took an ancient Greece/Rome archeology class together once and talked a lot about mosaics) so I decided to run with that.

I found some inspiration, mapped out the squares I had room for, then went to work!  It took a few tries until I had what I was looking for.

 Then I picked the colors and made sure I had enough tiles.  I was glad I did this step because I found out I didn't have the right amounts of certain colors and this would not have been good to realize partway through the super gluing process!

Then I glued them all down, and finally filled in the grout.  It took a few days to get it all done, I did about a third at at time, then had to add a final layer on top, and then do the edges.  The grout was a little dusty when it dried, so I sealed the whole thing with mod podge so it wouldn't flake anywhere.

Now it's sitting on my bookshelf with absolutely nothing inside.  Maybe I'll eventually put something in it, but the pretty top makes it just a nice decoration.  I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone for this, I think it would be good for me to tackle slightly scarier projects again (scary because I'm afraid of messing up).

I still have lots of little tiles left ... anyone need anything mosaic'ed? 

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