Monday, June 22, 2015

Wooden Photo Display

Get ready ... it's time for a bunch of posts on my most recent projects.

First up: a photo display!

My idea behind this was to cover one up the cover of my fuse box.  The cover was painted the same color as the wall and didn't stick out much but I had nothing else to work on and decided to challenge myself to come up with something that I could easily bring to a future apartment and hang up anywhere.

So as I like to do, I wandered the aisles of Benjamin Franklin Crafts in Springfield going up and down and probably scaring the staff until I thought this up.

The wood was one giant prefab piece which was nice.  Eventually it would be fun to make things myself with wood again (I took both lathe and regular woodworking classes in high school) but it's not something I can do in my apartment.  I got the little clips in one of the scrapbooking sections, and obviously the metal paint in the paint section.

It took a couple coats to get the look I wanted, but I actually enjoy doing little tasks like this.  The longer it takes to finish up a project the better! I know I probably could've found little colored clips like this somewhere, but this way I got the exact color I was looking for.

Then I mapped out a plan for where I wanted the clips to go, measured, marked, and put in some little nails I got at the hardware store.  Hung the clips on the nails, stuck some photos in and voila!

The above shows the back and how the piece of wood was put together.

And finally, for everyone who is wondering exactly where it's hanging aka my mom, this kind of shows it.  My bed is right under that bit of large photograph on the right, and the window/curtain is to the left of the photo display.

For even more reference: see my apartment tour video at about the 3:30 mark.

The only thing I think that could've made this better if I'd wanted to paint the wood instead of leaving it natural would've been to use some kind of magnetic paint, and then added magnets to the clips.  Then I'd be able to switch the layout of the photos instead of keeping it static like I have right now.

Stay tuned for more ... I'll be good at updating this week because updating equals procrastinating cleaning! That will be my next big project before my exciting visitor arrives!

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