Monday, September 28, 2015


This is the sorry state of my apartment right now. Walls bare, boxes and other kinds of half packed/half sorted stuff strewn across the floor.  I'm currently sitting right next to that teal plastic carton on the left, with some hand sewn mini pillows and folded up blankets as a "couch" (I was finally able to sell my futon over the weekend, but now I have nowhere comfortable to sit!).

I wish I could say it's bittersweet to be packing up my apartment, but I'd be lying. Yes, it was my first apartment, but my memories here tend to consist of me groggily going to the bathroom in the middle of the "night" and seeing that it's still broad daylight outside.  Of course, I did make some very delicious food and some pretty cool projects, but those can be done elsewhere. And my little apartment buddy will be coming with me to my next place.

Speaking of, he's thankfully been getting used to what will be his home for my trip back to Philadelphia.

He seems to like it, but it'll be put to the real test once we go to the vet in about twenty minutes and he realizes it's more than just a hang out spot.

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