Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gluten free pie

"Besides apply for jobs, what is it that Carolyn gets up to in Philadelphia?", you may be wondering.  It's a little too much Netflix, not enough scrapbooking (need my photo order to arrive!), and a pretty good amount of cooking.

One little hitch with moving in with my boyfriend is that he is gluten intolerant.  This is bad because it makes figuring out dinners a little bit harder (bread is one of my favorite food groups next to bacon). It's good though because in Oregon I was kind of just making the same recipes over and over, so now I'm trying out new ones, and because it makes it impossible for him to steal my gluten-filled snacks.

So far, gluten free cooking has basically just been avoiding recipes that involve flour.  It's very easy to substitute gluten free noodles in a lasagna recipe and to avoid having bread as a side dish.  Baking though... that's a whole other story. I took the plunge into my first gluten free baking experience on Monday, and I'm happy to say it turned out really well!

I had to put those apples we picked to good use, didn't I?

One thing that made making the gluten free pie crust a little easier was that I've actually never made a pie crust from scratch, so it was all new to me, not just the gluten free part.  I was nervous, worried that I would roll it too thin or thick, or not be able to transfer it to the pie pan, but it all worked out pretty well! Most importantly, it tasted delicious :)

If anyone is interested, the recipe I used for the crust can be found here, and the pie filling is from here (with my gluten free flour substituted in, I think I used Betty Crocker all-purpose gluten free flour).

We ate it with a little ice cream on top, and it was a hit! Even with Neville, who keeps trying to break into our cabinet to try a bite.  He was very curious during the process (I think he wanted those cinnamon covered apples) but then napped while it was in the oven.  Evidence:

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