Monday, December 28, 2015

Wedding Photography

 I bet you thought I was all done writing about Oregon.  Or maybe you thought I was done on here completely after this somewhat unintentional two-month long hiatus.  But no, I'm back, and back with more about way back when I lived in Oregon.

I'm going to a wedding this Friday, and it's got me thinking about the last time I was at a wedding.  I wasn't a guest that time, but the second shooter!  It took a while for me to get the pictures back from the main photographer, mainly due to forgetfulness/laziness on my part.  She sent me the edited ones just before I moved to Philadelphia (sadly we couldn't meet in person and I never got to get the full set of RAW photos that I shot, so all of these were edited by her).

I was really nervous the day of, especially because I had worked all night the night before (as per my usual morning show schedule) and was only able to get in a small nap before I drove about two hours to the venue near Portland.  It was also my first time shooting semi-professionally, and shooting when it counted.  Most of my photography was (and still is) for fun, generally involving just involving inanimate objects or cats/friends as subjects.  Nothing I ever had to shoot in real time with people counting on me! I think I would've been more nervous if it hadn't been for my broadcast training; even if I'd never done still photography on an event, I've captured video in real time with no chance for do-overs.

The one in charge, Ariana of Blush Pink Photography, obviously took the lead, getting all the photos at the front of the alter, while I got the back and then quickly moved upstairs to use the balcony for a different angle.  After, we photographed the couple/bridal party, then headed to the reception.  Here are my favorites that I took:

(disclaimer: Blogger seems to somewhat change the quality and therefore look of the photographs)

It was a great learning experience overall, especially in terms of my equipment and what I would want/need to shoot a wedding or similar event again.  It also made me really appreciate professional photographers who do this on a daily basis, because it's not an easy job.  You have to be everywhere at once, and yet out of sight, because your work is what will keep the memories alive for a couple for years to come: you don't want to disappoint!