Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My 2016 Goal: Get a Job

First blog post of 2016 means it's time to talk about my goals for the year, right? Well that will be quick: my only goal/resolution is to get a job.

It's far from an easy goal.  As I was sitting in my favorite local cafe today, I was actually thinking about how I would rather run an all out 400m than write another cover letter (okay, that's probably an exaggeration). Most goals are solely dependent on one individual.  Mine is dependent not only on my ability to write a stellar cover letter, but also on someone to notice it, read it, like it,  request an interview, and then like how I interview. It's hard to motivate myself knowing it's not just about me, but I'm doing my best.  Here's my strategy:

1. Write down a schedule.  I like to give myself daily goals of what I can accomplish in the job search, and not just in my head.  Seeing in ink makes it more final.

2. Get out of the house.  Even though I mostly procrastinate on my computer at home, the mindset switches once I'm somewhere else.  Usually I go to a local cafe, but it recently dawned on me that I'm not that far from the library.

3. Don't look up jobs and apply on the same day. It can really get me down sometimes when I'm just looking for open positions because it always feels like there aren't enough.  It's hard to write effective cover letters when you're feeling dejected.

4. Do something you love. Whether it's pet my cat or work on a craft, I like to make sure I'm taking my mind off the job search so it doesn't get me down all day, every day.

And speaking of number 4, planning out cooking has also been something that's a fun distraction.  I not only get to look forward to a yummy dinner all day, but unlike eating out, I also get to enjoy the process of cooking! It's easy to forget how upsetting the job search can be while you're concentrating hard on perfecting a recipe.  On the menu tonight? Mushroom risotto and breaded chicken breasts.