Sunday, January 29, 2017

Scrapbook Files: August 2016

Well, I decided to come back to blogging!  Ironically, the day after I wrote my last post about how my major 2016 goal was to get a job, I got a job.  Quick check of that list!  Of course, that meant I no longer had a ton of spare time on my hands.  I used a lot of spare time for wedding planning/crafts and started scrapbooking even more.  I want to start using this blog to show off some of that scrapbooking, so that I will start challenging myself to try new techniques.  

And with that... time to start, with August of this past year.

I was thrilled when I saw the contents of the August Messy Box -- I knew it was going to be perfect for my family trip to the Massachusetts Berkshires with its nature and adventure theme (side note: the Messy Box subscription has been amazing.  It offers so many unique patterns and items that you wouldn't find in a regular craft store, it and everything goes together so well.  Leftovers from each month are great for mixing and matching. I also love that it comes right to your door -- while it is fun to pick things out at stores, there's something exciting about getting a full box with no effort.  Now I want every scrapbook subscription box).  The teal wooden stars that came with the box added some great texture and depth, and I decided to play off of that with the wooden words that I found at JoAnn Fabrics (pretty sure the brand was Heidi Swapp). 

The other wooden piece, a leaf, is from an old Messy Box.  

I tried to stray out of my comfort zone by just slipping patterned paper into the slot.  I know, this sounds pretty basic, but it's for that very reason that I feel weird leaving paper blank. I am thinking about adding a picture on top of the geometric pattern (with some of the pattern peeking out, of course) from when I picked out my wedding dress -- but that of course has to wait until after my wedding so the groom doesn't see!