Sunday, February 26, 2017

Scrapbook Files: November 2016

I really, really love my November layout. Clean, simple, sharp. I do wish I had taken enough pictures for it to be more than one half of a layout, but that is my goal for the months moving forward. I guess I was too busy eating and chatting during Thanksgiving to have my camera out :)

I got lucky with the matching color schemes of the photos!  Well, sort of. Once I realized I had two photos with vibrant leaves and knew I wanted to keep a funny text conversation between me and Brian, I changed a lot of the photos to black and white. This was my first time using images off my phone (both with the text and with a saved photo from Snapchat) and I'm glad I did -- it's a great way to save memories that would otherwise get lost.

A big shout out to the November Messy Box subscription for this layout!  All of the cards and cut out details are from there. The only additions are cat related word stickers from Studio Calico (these are one of my favorite finds ever), gold enamel stickers from Paper Source and velum from Michael's.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Supplies

I thought I'd do a mini "haul" to show some of the supplies I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics last week.  JoAnn's honestly surprised me when I first started buying scrapbooking supplies two years ago.  Probably due to its name, I didn't completely think of the store as an all-around craft store; I expected Michaels to have a better stock of scrapbook supplies.  Once I ventured into the scrapbook aisle, though, JoAnn's quickly became my favorite chain store for supplies.

Here is an overview of everything I bought.  Unfortunately, I picked a bad weekend to try out the closest JoAnn's -- the store was moving around its scrapbook section, so only about half of the inventory was on the shelves.  I was hoping to find some more fun embellishments, but thankfully all the alphas were out,and you can never go wrong with those.  I hate my handwriting, and avoid using it in my scrapbook as much as possible.  

I was very excited to find the white stamp pad.  I almost bought a white StazOn pad a few months ago because I love my black one.  However, I didn't like that it was a multi step process to get ink on a stamp. This Versa pad stuck out to me because it said it was for leather and wood as well as paper. The ink stays on photos really well and is a nice, opaque white.  Just make sure you give it a little time to dry before touching the ink or putting it in a pocket. 

The stickers above are from Project Life (edit: I previously wrote these were from Heidi Swapp, but I found  the actual backing while taking out the trash).   I think they might actually be from the planner division of the brand, but I think I'll be able to use these all in my scrapbook just as well.  

What are your favorite places to buy craft supplies?  Any suggestions for the Philadelphia area in particular would be very much appreciated!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scrapbook Files: September/October

I feel like I really started to grow as a hobby scrapbooker in September and October. I started looking up more inspiration online, and getting back to some of the more creative techniques I used when I first started (such as sewing).  Since I didn't have a lot of pictures for September, I really tried to match it to my October color scheme to turn it into more of a cohesive layout.  

I am not generally a huge fan of orange and yellows, but the colors definitely worked for the time of year, and this ended up being one of my favorite recent layouts!  Most of the elements are from the September and October Messy Boxes.

The rest of October continued onto the next page, but I kept it consistent with the rest of the month's layout by using a soft yellow.

My most recent goal, which started with this layout, is to add more depth to my pages.  I sewed paper leaves on (as you can see in photo above) and used my mini attacher instead of using an invisible adhesive.  What I was most excited about starting this layout, though, was my old typewriter.  Laurel & Fern gave me the idea to type on vellum to add some layers to scrapbooking pages (and to avoid having to write in my terrible handwriting).  This technique is starting to be staple for me.